Thursday, December 31, 2009


we gonna enter 2010 in like 6 hours and 30 minutes more.
it's 530 at the moment.
what do you wish for for this new year? = )
well i got a few one. but will try to post it later on. just wanted to wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010! :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

this is what i felt for myself~!

what does life means to you?
how does you feel about yourself?
have you ever felt small in this big world of yours?
that is what i felt this passed few weeks or for this current month.
i wasn't in myself these days. really not in the mood most of time.
does not felt like hanging out much.. but like to be in an 'alone mood'.
talking with friends indeed a good feeling.
but sometimes in this world, i don't think i have friend who really be there for me. really am not~
raise your hand if you ever be on my side the whole time when i'm down, when i'm crazy, when i'm not myself, when i'm annoying, when i'm became undecided~!
is there anyone who really there for me for the bad and okay moment?
sometimes i doubt there is.
though life makes you understand and experience it.
i'm not one of those who really tough.
i got my moments~!
i can be VERY emotional when i want too!
i can be annoying when i feel like it.
i can be over the top when i like it.
now i don't feel like studying!
yes, u heard me right.
i don't feel like studying anymore.
for not getting good grades in university is very bad for me!
i felt sooo damn not confident!
low esteem overcome me.
computer science is not what i wanted to do.
i have not choice. though these days, people said there is.
for some people, there isn't!
i wanted to do business.
i wanted to be a baker.
i wanted to be anything that is not IT things.
when you're not into something, okay for me, i don't even want to do anything.
but what can i change things that happen to me at this time?
*feeling small indeed*
PS will post on new year aim soon! i am still thinking what is my aim.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


it's 26 December now.
kinda a post Christmas. this year did not manage to go to any Christmas open house.
it's okay, next year always there. haha.
anyway, my sister is going to study overseas.
small amount of people at home, but its okay.
she will be back. :)
at the moment i'm waiting for my cousin to come from jb.
so we can send my sister at the airport.
can't wait. i like airport. haha
not much to talk about.
classes will start this monday.
excited but not so.
lazy but fun.
not that brave yet try to be one. XD
gambatte aqela!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

*away and happy without lame stuff*

away and away.. :)
forgetting what bad stuff had happen.
everything seems okay these days.
me seems a bit better than before as well.
thanks for the people who help me motivated.
thanks to u guys, my friends~! :)
i understand the world is tough.
and tough girl eat chocolate.
haha. been okay, therefore wont be opening fb for a while. just blog and email.
but rarely update an entry.
if i did update, it always lame stuff. haha
sbb xde apa nak ckp.
waiting for semester baru nak bukak.
x sabar dh nak ni. haha.
anyway, u guys wont see me online for a long time yeah~ :P
heee. see u around.

team jacob, aqela.. weeee~!

away and far away. =)

hey peeps~
i wont be online for a few days.
got stuff to do.
haha. anyway, got annoyed on something.
said something and question a few questions.
but those questions was 'disalah faham' and i was to blame.
kata cuba offended the faculty. but my motive is sincere.
i really just asking whether.. ok, whatever la.
but i really intended to ask not to offend anyone.
kekadang faculty pun bodoh. ckp english x paham.
pelik. makan hati la jugak. tp maybe ada hikmah. :)
hurm xpe la. i learnt from it.
lain kali x yah tanya soklan. :) haha
anyway, wont be online for a while. really busy these days..

PS to nat, u keep in touch wit me ya. got something to spill up. hahaha. i know u gonna read this. but yeah.. :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

when ur heart is broken

haven't been good for 2 days. frustrated.
maybe it is something for me to learn again.
but i'm tired already.
no motivation anymore.
lots of friends have been helping me motivate.
some doesnt care.
but most of all i'm totally devastated.
can i just drop out?
*bengkak mata dh*

Saturday, December 5, 2009

when boredom + low self esteem rule u life~

boredom + self esteem took over me again!
had a great morning.
boring evening.
night? haha. gonna fins something to do.
tomorrow i'm going off to JB to meet up my aunties, uncles and cousins before my sister heading of to the US to continue her studies.
nanti on 25hb Dec pun g jumpa sedara jugak. :P adehh. haha
damn, i'm so busy this holiday~!
on the 13hb Dec i will need to be back to college for feseni camp.
aaargh, i really hate my life u see~!
at the same time i felt a bit of self esteem on certain things.
though i gave a few advices to some juniors, but i myself does not believe in myself either.
so ironic~!
oh well, give motivate me please! *weak smile*

till then, jacob black rocks!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Jacob! Jacob Black! ILOVEYOU~~ haha

just went and watched 'NEW MOON' with sister yesterday.
i'm drooling over him.
move over robert pattison.
i'm on Team Jacob!
reasons of liking Jacob a.k.a taylor lautner; caring, cute, macho.
*lame reasons i know! haha*
eventually why i don't like Edward Cullen is that he is kinda lembik & cheesy.
seyesly mmg la tak tergoda. pergh, sbb dier lelaki yg x macho.
haha. so no-no for edward cullen~ but robert pattison played the role well. :)
however, i still have vote for JACOB BLACK!
he's hot!! XD *aqela angau*
hehe.. lalalalala. taylor lautner yg hot~! :P
and i think the cullen dad is hot as well.
yeah yeah i may seems like someone way older. tp dier real life baru cam 30++.
so x jauh sgt pun. hahahaha.

this is the guy CARLISLE CULLEN~
the 2nd pix is the real guy. anyhow i think he is hot beside taylor lautner.
you might know that he is married to jennie garth who played kelly in beverly hills;90210.
yg dulu2 pun citer tu. not the new revamp 90210. but the oled version. :)
*LOL* i think this guy is hot! :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

based on a blog.. haha

okay there is nothing related about the title. but just wanted to update a blog. haha.
though i just read a few blogs of my friends. indeed some got interesting facts.
yeah i'm an avid follower. XD quite la. see how the mood are at the moments.
so have quite a lot of time. so kinda follow a few. listing of blog i followed often are:
  1. Natrah
  2. Clive
  3. LiaFareesya
  4. Waaz (yg dh lama sgt x update. haha~! :P)
  5. Azrie (sama kes ngan waaz. XD)
  6. Husna (haa.. ni pun sama..)
so basically yg often tu ada 3 je la yg active~ :)
clive got great stuff to talk about. what is the world is doing and what people are thinking. general stuff u see. nice~! nat is quite the same as me. update whats we're doing and feel. quite common stuffs~ haha as for lia's blog, i don't know why. but indeed i am very subuk-ing in her blog. just had the feeling to read. haha. tp mmg selalu ikut. hana ada entry blog yg agak menarik selalu. so suka baca jugak.
okay~! seems like i am like giving review of what i read on every friends blog, though no offence. i just like u guys blog. ;)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

books? think again. :)

*wink wink*
i went to big bad wolf book warehouse just now for the 2nd time.
haha. got a lot of books.
though i knew i wouldn't read some of it. haha. some are books that i bought for suka hati.
some are good. see how. what mood i'm in, i'll read. :)
oh, yeah. there a few of my friends who work part time there at the big bad wolf warehouse which are: Wanie, Farah & Matt. so, when i went 1st time on the 1st day(26 Nov) i met up wit all 3 of them. *farah muka stress dowh time tu. hehe :D* but sekejap je, sbb jumpa time nak bayar. but there are a lot of kinda new books and damn cheap. weeeeeeee~! i like to go books warehouse. :)
however i'm still searching for a book that Clive had suggested me, which is the title is 'Suzanne's diary for Nicholas'.
i have read review saying that it was a good book indeed~
so i'm kinda eager to find it at the nearest bookstore. :)
thx en Clive~ huhu. sy sgt bosan, oleh itu akan pergi bookstore lagi for another round for the book that have been suggested. :)

**i kinda miss my lovely friends: emi, arre, nat to come back from Latihan Industri~! wei korg cepat la balik. bosan la tanpa korg. uwaaaaa~! cepat la. then i miss somebody. haha. tak tau kenapa tp asyik teringat this specific person. why? :)*

Monday, November 30, 2009

when not heal, what would u do?

okay, might not so good. i have no tips as well. however, what would you do when u are not yet heal from a thing or 2 of a problem that you are having?*eh betul ke ayat ni? haha* as for me, basically, i will be a bit moody. haha. tp kalo borak2 with me, its okay. just talk to me about anything, but not about the specific problem i'm having. though sometimes u will notice that i went out often if i'm in a problem. haha. yup2. eat more, go out more. hahaha.

anyway, can anyone suggest me what book to read? i'm kinda bored this holiday. hehe. :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

*take note* i going to marry DS, people~!

okay people!
please sit down. i wanna announce something..
i'm going to get married.
wit DS~!
not Derek Sheridan or Daniel Scott or daging special burger ke.
ya, itu la jejaka idaman saya.
tepat 28 December ni akan kawen lg ngan DS tu ek.
sila dtg ke majlis perkahwinan aqela ngan en DATA STRUCTURE di DK1~!
sumer dijemput hadir.

*dlm hati aqela tgh menyumpah seranah si mr ctk nie. adess. dier nak suh amik baper kali atau aqela bodoh sgt data structure nie.*

rosak benar feeling raya aidiladha kali nie~~

adakah saya benar-benar bodoh DATA STRUCTURE?? sila jawab kan. sgt sakit hati ni.. :((

Thursday, November 26, 2009

selamat hari raya aidiladha~

selamat hari raya aidiladha people~
who ever u are, have a wonderful raya.

PS aqela sgt bosan ni~! adehh. huhuhu

Saturday, November 21, 2009

off to Thailand~!

flight at 700am on 22hb Nov to Chiang Mai~
need to be there at 4am. damn early. haha
excited though for the flight. i love flight! hehe
happy for shopping as well. weeeee~ :)
all the way, shopping.
just wait for me to come back home, okay~~
XD lalalalalala

Friday, November 13, 2009


exam belum habis lg.
tp kami pergi menonton movie sebentar hari ni. sekejap je.
tgk movie + mkn + amik gmbr yg sgt banyak. haha..
actually kind of like teruja tgk movie kat the Gardens.
so we went and watched "the box" at the Gardens.
to tell u the truth, it is so BORING!
seyesly boring..
yg best pun sbb James Marsden handsome~~
"The Time Traveller's Wife" movie is even better~!
yeah, the movie that starred by Eric Bana & Rachael McAdam.
it's a sweet movie though.
anyway, our intention is to watch 2012, but change to 'the box' tu.
tension dowh cerita tu. huhu.
anyway, enjoy the pictures we had been taking maniacly~

Sunday, November 8, 2009

i'm suffering~

just got back from night rider event II.
with azrie, nadhrah as well 1st year junior FSKTM; bazli ngan alif. :)
best giler. kitaorg g medan selera dkt mana ntah, tp area vistana hotel.
next destination were dataran merdeka tp sekejap sbb sunyi giler.
then we went to stop at 7-11 at the dataran merdeka as well heading to shah alam for a ronda-ronda!
haha. it was definitely fun!
sgt best bg saya yg sgt kecewa.
seriously i was DAMN devastated today!
how seriously i wanted to cried at warung the moment i got to know the truth.
i reached back to college at 10.10pm at night.
then went off to eat dinner at warung wit azrie + nadh~
was happy 1stly, then felt dumb the next moment.
i was definitely admire the person and was about to get to know him.
only to discover i was cheated.
he definitely played me.
i was shocked to know he was eventually close to a person i trust.
i mean that i knew the girl who was with him had a boyfriend~!
cos i knew i saw & tegur her before when she went dating wit her bf.
they might be friends.
but can a friend be having dinner, just the 2 of them & lepak together just the 2 of them for like 3 days or so?
i don't know. i might jump into conclusion so fast, but i know i was hurt!
i was down!
i talked to the girl when i, azrie and nadh went to DM.
haha. but my mind was elsewhere. i couldn't straight.. *weak smile*
soon i discovered i went night ranger with all 4 of FSKTM students of different year intake!! haha
padan muka! amat la tensen ngan exam x prepare sgt, pastu kena sebijik bdk yg diminati ngan org lain. *weeeee... benci~!*
i was so hurt even what other said to me i couldn't accept.
so... i went off to sms-ing husna about it!
damn love her for being supportive! as well as azrie + nadhrah for being there!
love the 3 of them for being there.. :)
appreciated u guys much. XD
lepas sms-ing husna, i sms-ing firdaus. *my fave 1st year guy junior*
thx a bunch to him for giving me a supportive shoulder and inspiration!
thanks for supporting me and on my side.
the way husna, azrie + nadhrah been supportive the whole night and morning!
haha. oh x habaq yg kitaorg kuar gi jalan2 kat kl from 12 in the morning to 6am~!!!!
kami gila... hahahahhahahaha..
anyway, take note that i still HURT~!
but thanks for the ride~! totally forgot about it the whole 6 hours. hahaha..
aqela is moving on~~

Thursday, November 5, 2009

love is nonsense sometimes~! purf..

what is love means to u?
i have no idea.
doesn't really matter. but sometimes it matter.
LOL. u can even be blind by love.
u can melt when a guy compliment u, adore u, sweet talk u.
yeah love can make u crazy.
there is a guy who is actually hinting on me.
mula-mula beriya. pastu x pulak.
the problem is he is kinda weird.
talk so less. buzz thru ym so many time. WITHOUT saying anything~~
so weirdo ok!
what is the meaning of buzz laa?
apa 3 kali buzz maksud 'i love u' ke? kalo 20 kali buzz?
purff! *aqela confused*

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

is it a hint? :)

i'm kinda confused.
is he giving me hints?
i mean, i know i kinda have feeling for him.
but this feeling is still new.
man, is he giving hints hah?
tetiba je tegur semua ni.
x pernah kena benda cam gini. betul ke ni?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

*boink boink*

i'm bored.
it's 321am now.
huhu. still bored.
just confirm myself to join feseni '10.
quite excited~ have to be back 2 weeks before the new semester re-open.
therefore got only 2 weeks of holiday~
so not nice~ uhuks. :P

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ko-K No.1 for pameran! i'm happy~

wink wonk! wink wonk!
nak update baru. hehe
anyway, just wanted to update people my ko-k subject GNEK1018 MAGAZINE PUBLISHING won NO1 ~!!
i'm damn happy.. hehe
didn't expected coz the judge said that our booth didn't really seem attractive since we didn't have much multimedia slide.
but i think those engineering classmates did really make us look good though in the eyes of the judges. hehe.
they explained and showed the judge the magazine and stuff. huhu.
thx to us too; me, adda and syazliyana too. heee
bangga ni~ :P huhu..
lagi satu dpt amik gambar ngan HASBI FEELHONEY~
weeee~ suka2..
tp muka saya excited lak. malu laa. :P
ada muka ngan matt gak. bersama2 geng kami yang lain! :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

the late SELAMAT HARI RAYA wishes! *haha*

haven't been update fo so long~
hehe. anyway, today is the 11th day of raya already, pretty fast right? if compared with the fasting month. :) but actually i don't felt like raya this year around of 2009. i do not know why. but there is something that amiss this time. i wonder why~! hehe.
this 4 weeks gonna be my HELLest month ever. i got tons of assignments need to be done and submitted next week and the week after. sigh so many things okay?! i'm EXTREMELY stressed. eventually, i got annoyed and pissed off easily these days cos i'm so tired. i hate the assignments month which make me older than ever. haha.
anyway, what the heck! to get rid of the stressful feeling, i went to NADHRAH's open house in sg buloh! weeee~! its so nice. suka suka. basically, we went with muadz's car along with him and his friends of 4(include him, it's 5!). 'we' mentioned before this paragraph is me, husna and azrie! it's a wonderful day and an amazing trip to nadhrah's home. huhu. it's a moment to cherish! quite a moment to remember. haha. dpt duit raya lak tu gi raya rumah nadhrah. hehe. syg aunty & nadhrah! hehe. XD
anyway, peeps, SELAMAT HARI RAYA again!
just a note to share today~! :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

sesuatu melukakan saya~

sesuatu membuat saya terasa luka di hati.
enggak ku cerita di sini~
cuma ingin mengatakan saya tergamam.
here is what my heart is filling out:
let tell u my side of story before you ever told anyone about u felt.
u don't have to tell others about everything that u felt.
spreading it. i'm kinda tergamam.
but it's okay~ i understand the situation.
i might did the same thing, but i don't announce it to the world.
hope u come to me and tell me what u think~
did i really want to hurt u?
do i?
am i?
could i?
why would i?
i really think we're in good terms~
i don't see why this is happening!
**beep beep. saje je ni. hahahaha . xde apa2 pun benda ni! heee~ just for fun!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

beep beep

beep beep is my new signature. hehe.
oh well, no news updated.
i'm just bored.
nak beli baju raya, tp malas sgt.
bila nak beli entah org pun x tau.
haha. :)
saya masih mengantuk!
ok will write soon.

*oh today is the 22nd day of puasa! so far right.. :) cepat nye dh nak raya. weee!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

*my ramadhan is so full with loneliness*

oh well, some people might have noticed about it. but these time around, i have my ramadhan year a little bit lonely though. haha. but, it doesn't really matter. i know there are friends who invited me to bukak puasa here and there, but place n time does not really suit the timing. however, there are things that u know, you went out with other friends, then other friends kept bugging u, telling u, u have a new group of friends to hang out with. ok, sound complicated, but what the heck? i'm not being emo here alright. i know there are a few people who thinkks i'm being emo. i have think i have thought about it VERY clearly. i don't mind about u! it just that u have to stop bugging me with who i went out with! cos i really don't amik tau about u. ah well, but i do miss the old times. :D

anyway, today is the 18th day of ramadhan~! pejam celik pejam celik dh hari ke 18. waaah agak cepat la jugak kan~! sangat suka time puasa! agak menarik time puasa kerana menahan diri dr segala nye!! saya perasan saya ada menahan dr nafsu shopping dan perasaan marah. saya juga berjaya menahan diri dr membazir dr segi.. erm, ape eh, percakapan. hehe. xde la. tp dh seminggu lebih demam, selsema n batuk. tp still x hilang lagi pun sekarang. so saya amik ubat lagi nie. batuk2 n selsema ni sgt teruk! dier agak menganggu puasa saya, sebab kurang selesa di waktu siang, dimana saya menjadi lemah. tp mlm x lemah sgt. pelik~ just kalo kuar jalan2, malam pun jd sgt teruk contoh nye cam last wednesday n thursday!

anyway, till then, will write soon~! happy ramadhan everyone~!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan~

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan~!
i can't wait for it.
nak puasa nak puasa.
here i would like to wish:
my family
my aunty and uncle as well as my cousins
my friends
a happy ramadhan~! :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

kecik hati!

qiqi kecik hati.
jangan tanya dengan siapa.
tp mmg kecik hati sgt.
but what the heck~!
it's like i cannot live all by myself larr.
haha. tp mmg kecik hati amat!
seyesly i was thinking
are u dumb for not noticing?
tp xpe la.
i dun really mind what happened
now all i want is that u to zip off urself together and shut up!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

life harry potter movie. *ahaks*

don't u even believe all of what i wrote for my blog title. most of it is differ from what i wrote though. :D hehe. anyway, it been a few days, oh no, a weeks and half something like that since i wrote about the harry potter movie, which was marvelous~! now we going to move on to something different. some stuffs i did after the last event i wrote. basically just last week, i had helped out in 'gantung-ing' the bendera around college. it was pretty fun since i rarely in a project cos i am very the 'm.a.l.a.s'~ but it was fun~ i don't know. i find everything fun, everything new is nice to learn + experience though. :) on the friday 31 July i went to PC Fair with syikin. we HAD massive fun~! hahaha. kelakar dowh beli printer yg besar. dah la dua-dua budak comel ni (me & syikin. hehe) kecik org nye. nak angkat printer tu, mmg la nampak cam bdk sekolah angkut printer. dah la berat + besar in sense of the kotak. :P tapi best la. hehe. i bought myself a laptop bag. yeah, it sound weird~ hehe.
then last week was pretty much hectic. my sister demam, so i went back home to jaga her for a while, since there is no one at home. ok, to make things clear, she had high fever. so need to go home. kalo demam biasa tak payah la jugak nak balik. :) huhu. then i had meetings on thursday night. ada 2 meetings; satu ngan eileen with all the seni club pengarah. dier menanya kan bila nak start ni nasyid? YES, I'm the Nasyid Pengarah. jgn gelak ok?! hehe. ada kelakar sikit. ;P ok then after the meeting, i need to go and do an audition. then i had my biro tugas-tugas khas meeting with my AJK. asking their opinion on the baju and other related stuff we need to do. sigh~ very tiring! on friday, which is yesterday, i went to decorate the board again with my 2 other AJK. i'm felt guilty for making them turun, but i had to. ada AJK saya yg x bagus. ada 2 org. baik x payah amik awal2. satu tu mmg x pernah datang jugak. menyampah betul! so far, luckily i had AJK yg bagus. suka suka. :)pastu tengahari tu pukul 1250 camtu, pergi derma darah. huhu. bengkak tangan kat area yg kena cucuk. cam best lak tgk dier bengkak! hahaha. betul , cantik je. :P terkagum tgk bengkak sendiri. hehe.
this is the bengkak-ness. excited. :)

i went tu FESKUM evening. ok la. best jugak. tak byk bukak lagi. tp yang tudung2 tu sumer dh bukak. saya sgt suka!! hehe. i just cannot resist the tudung section and baju. or even the cute stuff. but see how la i can control myself. haha. :) going to feskum again later. :)
last but not least, i discovered that i have MOVED ON from the specific person. friends will know who it is. these days however, i saw him dating too many times. got bored already. kata x nak dating. but eventually i know the words will never last. u tell me la, siapa x nak dating. *ahaks, ok ada la kot xnak dating* but ye la, sakit ati je time 1st tau. cakap x serupa bikin apa. kesengalan aje. nasib x kena sepak dengan org. bengong betul budak tu. entah apa entah..
anyway, i better chiow now. gonna meet another friend later. as well doing some homework~ haha.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry Potter and me!

woohoo~! i have watch Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince already~ i know its a late entry but yeah. i was busy hanging out with my cuzens n aunty as well as my siblings this weekend. *LOL* haha. anyway, i went to watch harry on saturday night at 930pm at One Utama. haha kinda of rushing back from tropicana city mall, where my brother is looking for a russian brand watch. luckily we managed to reached home fast and pick up the others like my sisters, cousins and aunty. harry potter 6 ROCKS~! i'm really satisfied with it!! the movie is soo damn cool. i'm sooo loving it. haha. i give it a 2 thumbs up for it. i don't mind watching it twice. i find this harry potter 6 was way better than the previous. i LOVE ron weasley~! *dang* he's my fave among the 3. ok somehow i'm not a fan of harry much. i like the weasley family more. *ting ting* suddenly i lost interest in transformers 3. lalalala. hehe. i mean, u know! its the Harry Potter season now. so ar, yeah. it's time for Harry~! move on bumblebee! *isk isk, actually i like bumblebee too*

*** small note: i manage to go shopping as well the next day after watching Harry. hohoho. i bought a pair of jeans from Giordano, 2 shirts from Nichii and another shirt from this shop in tropicana city mall. hoho. byk dh spending~! gila la. bulan ni je dh berapa byk dh habis guna! aiyoo. mesti kena marah.. *boink qiqi*

Monday, July 13, 2009

i hate my new sem! *LOL* :p

:D tajuk yg x memberangsangkan! *LOL* anyway, i have a terrible start of the semester this time around. too many changes of schedule and more. it does make me a bit pening already. oh God! do help me. too many clash between classes. so i really annoyed already! seyesly annoyed sebab byk x amik lg kan. tu yg bengang tu. bengong! uwahh, dh la tukar tak inform kami. x ke sengal. pastu tutorial clash pulak. dh mintak nak tukar tp minoriti je yg clash(which is 3 org je). aiyoo, susah la camnie! :( uhuks..


Thursday, July 9, 2009

broken heart ke? not me. maybe. [done]

perasaan hari ini kurang baik~! entah mengapa. maybe sebab ternampak sesuatu yg unexpected. terkejut kah saya? yup. terkejut bangat. kenapa terkejut? entah. tp x perlu. sebab saya rasa saya mempunyai hati yg kuat mcm tiger biskut. berikut luahan hati dan keluhan hati. =) kekadang terasa tertipu kerana si DIA sebab teringin DIA. tp ku pasrah udah. kumbang bukan seorg! *aqela smile ok~!* :)

am i broken hearted? 50/50

did i actually knew the case where the person actually did have someone special?
yes, i doubt he did, but he didn't tell me the truth. always told me he is scared to be in love.

am i sad? most probably~!

am i jealous?
not really cos i knew somewhere deep inside he have someone. i knew cos he couldn't accept me.

am i a damn ass to believe him? maybe. to think back, yeah maybe.

have i actually moved on with life without him? yeah. something like 60/40 or 70/30.

will i eventually forget him? yeah, i know i will. but it takes time.

why did i feel pain? i have no idea

do i still like him? no~! *seriously*

why i sometimes feel pity for myself? cos i think i wasn't that confident. can't fight for what i want. i am weak. i din't get what i want. FULL STOP.( *.*')V

why did i still felt the pain, not a pang of jealous, but the pain of looking to things i didn't get?
no idea. the feeling is something complex..

[end for now]

**feeling sad but not so. macam mana tu? hahaha*

Monday, July 6, 2009

**1st Day**

today is the 1st day of a new semester. not really a nice semester it seems cos a lot of our batch friends is not here. it supposed to be the fun time. haha. but somehow this semester is kind of lonely. don't you think so? i didn't have class with most of my friends, thought most of them are doing intership this semester. sigh~! i miss them already! *LOL* where is my friends when i need them? :D hehe. yeah, there are a few friends who i'm going to hav e dinner together is not here this semester. ooh, being emo again~ :) hehe **i'm in the missing mood** :)

today i just went to 2 classes which are TCEE and Statistics. Okay, the statistic is soo damn boring one. i really bored in the class causing me to fell asleep sebab tetiba ada lecturer. bosan giler. dh la xde note pastu buku pun xde. bosan giler nak mati! adoi..

ooh wait, will write soon. gonna eat dinner at the hall downstair. see u a bit later..

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

**new sem coming~! oh no!**

new sem is coming~! only 4 days more and i hate it. uwaa. i wanted to be on holiday some more. i really do. i do not know why i'm so lazy. hoho. i thought of going out with a friend either thursday or friday, but haven't decide yet. i'm so lazy to meet up during weekend coz always pack with people. i don't like when it comes to crowded people. so hectic~! hehe anyway, this new semester i need to work hard and strunggle to improve my result. chaiyok~! :D

oh yeah, this week is the minggu haluan siswa 09/10 for the new students until this friday. i seen some of them yesterday when i went to UM to pick my sister from work. huhu. kinda excited to see new students. :)

anyway, no idea now. will write more~

Thursday, June 25, 2009

gone baby gone

*happy it's holiday*
*loving holiday*

ok ok. haha. move on. can u believe the holiday got only 9 or 10 days left before the semester starts? *sigh* i want more holiday~! cis memang mengada. hahaha. dah ada 2 bulan cuti nak cuti lagi. :D anyway, i practically don't have the mood for the study season at the moment. *LOL* i dont wanna come back to UM. haha. but what to do? my home is practically behind UM itself~! haha. i can even see 10th college from my house. *aqela bengong* huhu.

anyway, i just read a friend's blog. she just came back from Umrah. it reminds me about my Umrah one year ago. exactly a year from the time she went. what she wrote was practically 'indah'~! haha. yeah, because at the time when i went to Mecca and Madinah, i felt completely free, happy. i didn't even think about my life here in KL. haha. it didn't even came up to me for the 2 whole weeks, except when i was going back home already. :p however reading her stories and side of view make me think about the feeling i had a year ago when i went for Umrah myself. what an experience though. :) nice moment and wanted to go again. i have a few places/countries myself that i want to visit in the future. you know, france, italy, korea, finland, indonesia (again~!). hehe.

so, this holiday i kinda have done a few things. i'm not sure of saying that i'm proud that i finished doing it. haha. here some:
serious task: PiTUM booklet.
my brother project booklet. (this one i wanna see the output. its gonna be
turned to be a book)

books that i read: stargirl by jerry spinelli
if u could see me now by cecilia ahern
milkweed by jerry spinelli
the broken bridge by phillip pullman.

night at the museum 2
state of play

boys over flower, korean
bloody monday
ryusei something2. (haha cannot remember the title)
ugly betty season 3 (half way. didn't download another half. hayya..)

okey dokey babes~! i'm lost in translation again. gonna finish here at the moment. am discussing with my brother what time are we going to watch Transformer 2. SHIA!! wait for me~!

here FIND by SS501. my jihu a.k.a kim hyung jool~!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

**5 things** part 1

5 things i like:
watching movie
playing computer games
**extra >> sleeping <<

5 books i like
kira-kira by ***** (can't remember the author name)
all harry potter books
milkweed by jerry spellmen
ps i love u by cecilia ahern
if i could see u know by cecilia ahern

5 movies i like
lord of the rings trilogy
harry potter trilogy
27 dresses
dark water (japanese)

5 dramas i like
CSI (vegas and NY)
ugly betty
boys over flower (korean)
my girl (korean)

5 actors i like
kim hyung jool!
ewan mcgregor
shia labeouf
jensen ackles
daniel craig

continue later. this is because i'm bored. haha

Friday, June 12, 2009

i'm addicted to 'Boys over Flowers' korean version!

**kim hyung jool!! i love u~!**

*damn gorgeous + super rich* haha. basically it's the meteor garden but in korean version. though i find this one is appealing and much cuter way of storyline. nicer i guess. atau sebab org dier lebih cute. haha. actually much more handsome than the japanese and the taiwanese one! aaah i could drop and faint for them. haha. being lame is my expertise anyway. i like pretty guys! *ok, kidding* ahaha.

so in love with them. they have almost have everything; money, good-looks, property. but not the love. ahahahha. :P mind me.

the F4 with Jandi, the heroin

F4 Korean
(*Four Flower Boys??*)

**kim hyun joong! u're so cute!**

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

**tired** [DONE] helping my brother + register subject

1.39am. [DONE] i am seriously done with my brother's booklet. kinda 98% successed with the design, just a few yang slack esp. the cover. but nanti esok betul kan. dah tak larat. mata dah jadi panda lagi cam time dulu2 masa study week. ok, haha sebelum study week pun dah mata panda selalu. :P tak boleh diselamatkan mata panda ini. anyway. very the tiring la td. lepas dah complete tadi, pergi try print the booklet to the result. eventhough its the draft. ok-larr i guess. not bad. 95% for me~! yay~ haha. anyway, basically i can almost rest [i think! ooh do let me go~ i hate doing it again. sakit badan, sakit kaki, sakit tangan, sakit mata, everything sakit while doing it. :,(] ooh i wish to settle it soon!! pls, i don't wanna see it anymore. muak la dah. penat penat. aiyoo~

3.30pm. in the evening, i completed and successfully register my next semester subjects. it took me 1 and a half hour to complete it. hahahaha. aqela gila betul. actually i was looking at the koko list which one is nice. yeay, it took me an hour to think~! *LOL* dahsyat gila! hahaha. yang lain dah register, just yang koko tu je tak register lagi. so i was briefly choosing and slow-motionly thinking. after that long hour, i decided to take... penerbitan majalah inggeris~! tak nak amik tarian la. selepas pikir panjang td, nak amik tarian mula2. tp pikir2, aqela keras sgt la. tak boleh nak lembut-lembutkan kaki + tangan + badan. haha. dier cam nanti.. eh eh. haha. so after those long thinking moment, i took magazine thingy. is that sounds boring? oh well, nak amik sukan pun, ada bola sepak je kot tinggal. nanti amik baru tahu. :P but anyway, here are the subjects i have confirmed to take and other subjects mmg not being offered and this is what i managed to register:

Penerbitan Majalah(English)
Professional Writing for Computer Science
Statistics for IT
Data Structure (my beloved subject*bwek*)
Auditing Info System
is it okay? yeah, i hope so. i hope this semester 1 2009/2010 is better~! much better. :) anyway, gotta go and get some sleep. sleepy now. lalalala.
[OUT] 1.56am

Sunday, June 7, 2009

New earrings, new updates. :P

11.11pm. cool~ to start to write a new entry. it's been almost 2 weeks or so, i haven't update my blog. well, been a bit busy doing my brother's project booklet. i'm not sure whether it is good or not. i hope it did cos i'm not good in multimedia. they, which is my mom and brother thought i was. i told them already, but i don't know. they assume i'm good. but what the heck. just let me try for it. hopefully it went well. just need to go for printing later. i just don't like being pressure of what to do of it cos i really don't know how. therefore i like to learn photoshop or multimedia stuffs first rather than u assume i know. clearly i will be bad mood for the entire week doing the booklet cos i was stress of doing it. i really thinks its no good. hahaha. anyway, i have just done with the stuffs of designing it whatever needed. just need to print to check whether i design it correctly. aah well, esok je la buat. otak pening la. cam nak gigit makanan. hahaha. :D
anyway, i got a new earring hole today! haha. this is my 4th 'tindik'~! hahaha. LOL. the 3rd time was last year with my friend ada to teman. she was the one who wants to 'tindik', but she got scared and con me. suruh org buat dulu, nanti dier nak buat. ada kata nak tgk dulu camne org poh kong tu tembak telinga, pastu dier takut. isk3. ditipu ada! haha. pastu td tembak balik sebab dah tutup pulak lubang earring tu padahal baru 1 tahun lepas. cepat betul tutup. the 1st tinding was when i was 7 years old, 2nd tindih was when i was in high school, 14 kot. so today i tindih again wit my sister. she wanted to tindih, so i also gatal2 and tindih jugak la, haha. but i very the menyesal, pilih earring starter yg buruk! bentuk heart shape. tetiba rasa cam budak kecik nye earring. but anyway, i'm LOVIN it!! haha.
pastu sebelum menjadi busy hari tu, telah habis kan 2 drama jepun which stars the ARASHI boys~ haha. my favourite japanese band~! the 1st drama was 'Uta No Onni-san' which star the Arashi's Ohno Satoshi. He's sooo cute. for me la, dier cute. org lain tak tahu la. hehe. tp Nadhrah pun minat jugak Ohno. comel2.. sila lihat. cerita tu lawak gak ar. dengan si prince bongok tu. perghh, giler apa tgk lelaki pakai seluar leotard! eeewww. geliii. then the 2nd drama was ryusei no kizuna. yg ni serius sikit la story dier, tp ada lawak sikit. but more love of the sibling thingy. cute la in that sense u know. having to know someone love u and back up for u. in this drama, the Arashi member was ninomiya kazunari. he is also quite, but i like ohno more. this guy played in yamada taro drama. ahh, i LOVE ARASHI! terima kasih Nadhrah dan adik saya kerana mengenalkan Arashi kepada aqela. haha. habis jd hantu cari sumer lagu arashi and cerita. tp saya x suka jun mastu yg main cerita hana yori dango tu. tak tahu kenapa. huhu. anyway, bagi 2 thumbs up for both drama!
for tomorrow, i 'm gonna register subject for the new semester~! hoho, i'm going to be in the 3rd year next semester. Man, felt like baru 1st year~ haha. all those 1st year time seems far. rasa cam baru last semester. how i missed my 1st year yg aman dan damai. haha. terasa tua pulak. nak jadi 1st year balik boleh? hehe. itu tukar course balik la nampak nye. :P tp most of my geng is gonna do their intership(LI). So i won't see them. arre + emi doing their internship at kedah, nat at setapak, nabila at kl. so there are only me, wanie, ada and adila be there in the faculty next sem for the geng. oh and marleni. haha terlupa mar pulak~ mar IT student. lupa lak. hehe.
then after register subjects esok, akan pergi tengok wayang my mother as well as buying dvd hana yori dango korean version. yg japanese version ada dlm computer besar kat rumah. huhu.
okay, will see you guys tomorrow or the day after for new entry~! :D peace out.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

**tagging from husna** :P

What cloth you wearing now?
pyjamas. haha. it's shirt la.

What colour is it?

When your last meet with someone you love?
6th May 2009. (someone i admired more to it. not love :))

Do you want to meet him/her again?
not really. trying to get over him. haha

What the last thing you eat?
bread with chocolate

apple juice.

Favourite food?
hurm, roti canai~! chicken chop kat tappers + meat balls at ikea.

Favourite drinks?
teh ais and nescafe. i'm addicted to coffee. :)

Favourite colours?
purple and green. not mixed. the colour alone.

Favourite place to be?
rumah saya. hehe.

Favourite song?
gavin degraw songs, scar by paparoach, linkin park, clay aiken, vanessa carlton, david cook, david archuleta. aish, too many. huhuhu. :p

Are you happy with your given name?
yes, absolutely. saya suka bangat. :D

What is the one thing you like to do alone?
travelling. buat muka angau. pastu melalak lagu kegemaran. haha.

What’s a major fear or yours?
i have no idea. it should be Allah. But i think i'm scared to talk in front of the audition. that is during presentations. i hate talking and it is my deepest fear. :P

Do you know anyone famous?
i think so. hurm.

Describe your bed.
cozy. but can give u sakit belakang. haha

What do you carry with you at all times?
obviously my lovely purse. as well as kesayangan ky handphone. xleh hidup tanya 2 benda ini. hehe

Do you prefer to stand out or blend in?
blend in i think. i don't really stand out.

What kind of first impression do you think you give people?
SOMBONG~!!! seyesly i think i give that impression to others. haha

Favorite communication method?
sms. ym. kecuali benda penting, kena face to face.

What is your hidden talent?
cooking kot. hahaha

Do you own a Bible?
nope, dun own one. but read it once in the hotel to learn what is it actually.

Do you have a problem changing clothes in front of friends?
yep. haha.

What should you be doing instead of this?
playing facebook quiz

Who was the last person who called you?
my sister in law.

Are you ready?

What is the last gift you gave someone?
couldn't remember. give a lot of gift to everyone. honestly.

Does everything happen for a reason?
yeah. i do think so.

Do you consider yourself to be a nice person?

Have you ever pierced your own body part or that of someone else?

Do you cry in front of your friends?
yeah, i did. twice.

Would you die to save the life of someone you dearly love?
have to think about it. haha. at the moment. dun think so. :P

Do you have any married friends?
haha. ada banyak dh. u should how old am i. hahaha

Do you like thunderstorms?
not really. i like sunny day more.

What was your first job?
entah la. no idea.

What’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you in the past week?
none. haha.

You have a crush, don’t you?
yeah i think.

haha. won't tell. it's secret. :P

Do you talk a lot?
i think i talk a lot. haha

Who was the last person you talked to in person?
my sister.

What are your plans for the weekend?
going shopping. but not really confirm. LOL

How much money would it take for you to give up the internet for a year?
billion and billion of dollars. haha

Where’s your ideal marriage location?
hawaii. hahaha i have no idea. if i did, i won't tell. haha

How long have you known your best friends?
since primary school.

What are you listening to?
believe by arashi

What was the last thing you laughed at?
yesterday (monday), while watching get smart on dvd. haha stupid story. i dun like the movie. :P

What do you wish you were doing right now?
makan burger king, french chicken. sgt lapar nie~! isk3.

What musical instrument do you wish you could play?

If you could speak any language, which language would you speak?
Japanese, Korean and French. haha

People I would like to tag?

>>> gila panjang tagged husna nie. huhu. hampir pengsan jawab. hahaha.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

*my shoe on sale*

okay. there a wedges i'm gonna sell it off. worn twice kot. going to sell it for RM25, can be considered to lesser the price. Then there is a baju i want to sell off as well, pink colour cardi (or can i considered it a cardi?) for RM20. Below the picture of both item.


Monday, May 18, 2009

*i miss someone who i should not have miss*

sigh~! another emo entry. well, another moment i felt emo again. i suddenly miss someone i should not have miss. kenapa tetiba rindu nie? i even counted the days of the last time i talk to him. unbelieveable, but yeah. i did count it! i would not tell how many days but its been weeks. i think~ *LOL* uwaa kenapa tetiba rindu ni~ isk, i should have move on. well i did move on. it just at times i suddenly remember him and this feeling came along, bugging me whether to talk to him either in friendster, ym or others. but i have make my decision to just see how long can i actually forget him. basically how long will i not contact-ing him. just to get over him and stuffs. oh how i dislike my heart when it is this way. cos i felt like a fool~ all i have to tell my heart is **MOVE ON**. there are many other people who is better. ooh STAR TREK! do come filling my brain again. i was just excited about it yesterday. suddenly the loneliness appeared and ruin my mood. hahaha. one of those days~! oh well.. aqela is moving on~
~~(",) hampa hatiku by ungu as well check yes juliet by we the kings song in the background singing to me~! tralalalalala..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

**B.L.O.O.D.Y M.O.N.D.A.Y** part 1

Shock? haha. a title that might shock u~ but yeah, BLOODY MONDAY. it's the title of the Japanese drama i just watched and complete watching it. *damn cool* 2 words to describe! haha. basically the Jdorama was excellent~ the story is about hacking here and there. he can do anything by hacking. hack the communication here and there. quite awesome though. i don't know how that takagi can do it that fast. very cool~ fuh, wish i have the ability to type fast and how to hack into other people computer and network. i wonder how people hack the network as well as to know the transmission through the computer thingy, hacking and stuffs. then there is his sidekick butt friend, otoya. he is another genius~! he kinda know everything and notice any weird or something u hardly notice. hurm, nice nice~ love this drama. very suspense story. story line also quite unique. different a bit. but overall, i'm giving it a full 5 stars. :D

anyway, this is a short entry. so lastly but not least, recommended this drama for ya~ for damn cool. i like~ 3 thumbs up. haha. *lol* eeeh camne tu 3 thumbs up? haha.

the chart of the BLOODY MONDAY character. kinda small~! sorry ya. didn't manage to make it larger.

<---- this is one of the many poster of it. this is the main character, Takagi Fujimaru (Falcon)

Ashina Sei as Minami Kaoru. I like her among the other girls/women in the drama cos she is very tough lady~ *cool chick*
Yoshizawa Hisashi as Kirishima Goro. I saw this guy in Yamada Taro and love him soon after i watch him. *cute cute + deeply in love wit him* haha.
Muira Haruma as Takagi Fujimaru (Falcon). Ok, this is the hero of the story. kinda cute. but i like otoya more i think. but his character is unique! love his character much much~! i think he look a bit like kame in kat-tun. but kame tu perasan giler nye mamat.. org ni ok sikit i think. haha.

Sato Takeru as Kujo Otoya. Character ni kinda genius. more like a psyhic for the main character. he is like the 'eye' for falcon. falcon is the main behind the code. haha. Otoya looks like Peter Ho of this taiwanese actor. some people might know peter ho from crounching tiger hidden dragon drama series. but anyway, i like otoya~ :D
~~~~~~(",) next japanese drama to watch in my list: singing big brother (as recommended by Nadhrah), Honey & Clover and Kuizora( recommended by Azrie). :) lalalalala. what a holiday~! gonna stuck in front of the tv and internet 24/7. dh la dah addicted to farm town~! aiyoo.. hahaha :D

Friday, May 8, 2009

sweet~! *penat*

woohoo~! today was fun. quite seronok! best~ ahahaha. this morning we went to TTDI wet market. i was in the second group with Mike (aka Mak Kam Jie), Cheah, Parvin, this another guy(sorry didn't know ur name~! hehe), Emily and Vahid. But i was paired with Mike. today was quite okay than yesterday but i didn't much money as the others, but at least much more than yesterday. :) *smile smile* ada pakcik cina yang baik! dier tegur cakap 'adik buat apa adik? promote apa utk university?" wahahaha. sayang pakcik tu~! baik sangat. oleh itu saya dpt menambahkan income saya. hehe. bagus2. :D then at 10.40am camtu, gi around the shoplots at TTDI tu. yg ni yg best! haha. sebab kena divide into 2 groups, i went with cheah & parvin. mike went with the others. masa cheah pergi to another shop, i and parvin went to this restaurant makanan johor. hehe. time cakap2 & bodek2 ngan tuan punya kedai, dier terus agreed! itu after cheah tunjuk contoh size booklet yg nak di'print'kan. haha. sebab kalo x tunjuk, dier mesti dh x nak. :P hehe. pakcik tu kelakar sikit. bagus pakcik~ semoga restaurant pakcik dilimpah rezeki. :D best best sebab kedai 1st i and parvin approached for the morning and dpt. suka~ then selepas itu rezeki kami dicucuri rezeki. sebab petang tu tukar group lain pulak, with Shook Yean, Teck Liong, Premen, and a few others to Puchong, area 101 Mall. Best gak tempat nie. bila promote nak minta advertise and sponsor, byk yg minat. nadhrah & me manage to get two(2). Itu pun, dier org akan fax to us back, but really interested! woohoo~! way to go nadhrah! haha. sebab dier yg byk ckp. kesian dier kena ckp. hehe. anyway, hari ni sgt fun!! oh so nice~! :) saya suka! happy + penat + suka suki~ PiTUM go PiTUM!

pastu ni baru balik makan ngan rumate. sok dier balik rumah~! sedih, so saya gi bilik nadhrah la esok. sebab nanti sorang2. sepi giler kolej. x best. kekadang best! haha. anyway, will write soon.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

penat giler dowh~!

pwehhh. sgt penat okay tadi~! saya memulakan hari ini sgt awal iaitu pukul 530pg utk bangun & get ready. agak berkobar-kobar gak td masa briefing tp masa nak minta donation, saya sangat malu!! tp tebalkan muka. dh berapa kali entah kena reject. tp mmg malang. dapar 1 org je and makcik tu bg 10 ringgit. so sepanjang pagi, hanya ada 10 ringgit je ngan saya. huhu.. org lain dapat rm50++. sangat banyak~! saya agak sebab saya x dpt cakap elok pastu org mmg x nak bg. susah gak la nk minta. so sgt tensen. other than that, sgt penat. saya dpt area SS2, azrie + nadhrah ss24. penat jalan satu SS2 tu, sgt besar! penat giler. pastu balik kolej kul 1.20ptg, qiqi gi solat jap n jumpa balik kul 1.50pm, which petang tu gi berjaya times square. kat situ pergi tanya any shop yg rasa nak advertise their shops in the booklet and if any of them wants to open a booth during the pc fair thingy. we reach college at 6pm, and ws very exhausted. penat giler. hope tomorrow is the end. but i hate the donation thing. i really did. for pitum, at first i thought it was boring, i find this thing is getting interesting from bit to bit. only the donation drive is suck~ damn sucker.. anyway, gonna find the mood. even when friends told me this thing is trashy of me being inside the project alone and how trashy the project is, i kinda like the project now. so sometimes i do find it hard to accept it.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

donation drive? oh no~!

today was hectic~ i was quite penat. 2 meeting in a day. yikes~! firstly i went to the PiTUM (which stands for Pesta IT Universiti Malaya) MT meeting at 10am. Things are discussed here and there. bom here and there. sigh~! i could only sigh once and twice and again. haha. dunno. there are scareness + something new + thinking of having fun as well as work hard + dunno what to do. LOL. how how? helps~! i was alone. so not nice but at the same time i think i need to be strong and make new friends too right? cannot be too intimadated and feeling small. I need to be brave and communicate. i think i am lack of confidence in talking to other people. uwaa. how to improve my skills. help help here~ i need some stuffs to improve the skills as well as be confidence.

then at 2pm, there was another meeting of PiTUM for the MT n AJK for the donation drive thingy tomorrow. this is what i am scared of! how to talk to people and persuade them to donate to you? u tell me how. haha. i really do not have any idea how to ask. luckily i think i have friends to be there. i also wished i am going to be paired to any one of them. either nadhrah or azrie. i want them! uwaa. i really did. i'm sooo the totally not independent. i really dependent to someone in this kinda stuff. oh do accept my prayers~! :) i want to be paired either one of them!

tommorrow is basically a new challenge. i will definitely learn new stuffs right? do pray for me that i did well ok. pls pls do~! i'm scared deep inside of me. bismillah, everything will be okay. anyway, here is the schedule i received to do the donation drive thingy which are;

7th May: 7am-12pm & 2-6pm
8th May: 7am-12pm
9th May: 7am-12am

doesn't it so long~! i can find myself sleeping right after the donation drive. wahh penat gila la camni~! seyesly sgt panjang. satu hari lak tu. be ready aqela. mlm ni tido awal ok! ohohoho.. almost the whole evening i spend with nadhrah, husna + azrie. :P cos i'm bored and don't like being left alone. haha.

3days~! do hurry and pass faster. i got other things to do too like the brochure thingy! lol~ cepat la ok berlalu! :P

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


saya bosan.
tak tahu buat apa.
PiTUM x abis lg. kena siap kan!
help. :P

Monday, May 4, 2009

public void HabisExam() { suka}

yes yes~! exam DS dah habis semalam at 130pm. sangat happy exam dh selesai, but i'm not doing my best in it though. sangat mengharap kan buat yg terbaik. i hope and pray i really pass this semester! i cannot see myself in the class anymore. please do not make it tougher to pass mr chiew~ penat nak goda DS nie. haha. sayang mr chiew. hehe. oleh kerana nak gila dh data structure td, qiqi, lea and nonie gi borak2 kat bawah tempat parking. hoho. kesejukan dtc membuat ku brain freeze! ooh sejuk giler babe~! haha. pastu terjumpa mr chiew masa nak gi parking, then nonie gi tegur lak. saya segan. lea pun. hehe tp lepas exam DS sgt best~ saya rasa sangat lega. cian lea, dier ada exam lagi esok. exam utk paper major AI. xleh nak gumbira bersama qiqi. :D

after DS exam & lepaking wit nonie, lea, qaira & wanie, i went and ronggeng with farah the bomb~ gi makan pizza then tgk movie 'Wolverine'. pergh hensem gila wolverine a.k.a hugh jackman! he's sooo HOT!! really, u should watch it! the guy who play gambit is also DAMN HOT~ lalalala. sorry for the word, but yeah. extreme hotness. haha. wahhhh i'm in love with hugh jackman! sgt handsome. next in line to get married: aqela + hugh jackman! haha.

okay, will write soon~! :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

otak terlalu mampat~!

ooh DS kesygan~! pada tarikh 3 May 2009, tepat pukul 3 pagi, kami telah mencatatkan sikap berkobar-kobar untuk study. padahal qiqi dh study siang itu tanpa makan dan sangat lapar. pukul 6 petang baru makan utk 1st meal hari sabtu itu. tp walaupun study siang itu, qiqi masih x ingat apa yang dibaca. kobar-kobar nak baca malam tu jugak, tp tepat pukul 11 mlm, qiqi menemani rakannye marleni isi minyak kereta nya and qiqi beli burger di 3rd kerana hampa ditinggalkan wanie hanapiah untuk makan di warung. qiqi sangat lapar dan tiada rakan. sebaik sahaja selepas balik dari teman mar, qiqi pergi menyerang wanie utk melihat dier jika dier ada di bilik. aaah dier dh balik terdetik hati qiqi kerana nampak kasut nya. ku menjerit nama nye and dier terkejut. dier telah mengajak qiqi ke warung utk makan bersama nya dan k.dila. lalu kami pun beredar. padahal dalam hati 'aku nak study ni, makan sekejapla'. :P walaubagaimanapun, tersasul sampai pukul 2 pagi kami di warung tergelak-gelak sambil riang ria bersama 3 lagi rakan sepermainan iaitu kak su, faiz yusof dan suria. kesian suria nak study, kami gelak2~! sorry suria! hehe. so qiqi balik ke bilik dan sambung study.
sebelum tu gi check ym sekejap kalo2 ada org tinggalkan pesan. ooh ada. qiqi membalasnye. tapi tetiba ada gerak hati nak 'buzz' si azrie cun ni. ahaks~! rupanye dier invi. nasib baik! tanpa di duga dan malas jika duduk di bilik sendirian, qiqi telah mengajak nye dating bersama kekasih kami encik DS~!!! ooh sungguh x sangka kami merajuk ngan encik DS ni. pada pukul 4, qiqi berjalan tergesa-gesa ke bilik study di B400 sebab lewat datang utk dating yang sepatutnye pukul 330 pg. kami ingin mendapat jawapan tepat dari en DS, menyerap ilmu en DS. tp apakah mampu? masih dpt sikit sahaja. :D bersama-sama rakan seorg lagi; miss nadhrah cool~, kami berjuang apa sahaja demi en DS yg tersayang. sambil baca, sambil head banging membaca DS. *lagu band background di bilik study level B400* qiqi yg hampir tido, nadhrah jugak, azri masih cool membaca. wahhh hebat! pastu nadhrah membuat statement power pagi itu tepat pukul 5++. kami tergelak2. fresh balik ar sikit. then sambung baca.
tepat pukul 7 pagi, kami pergi breakfast bersama en clive hensem. selama 3 jam menatap en DS, kami perlu menatap jejaka lain. nasib baik ada en clive. haha. pastu makan burger utk sarapan macam x pernah makan. hehe. qiqi sangat lapar. tapi bila sebut makanan breakfast, qiqi terus segar. haha. sebaik sahaja dapat makanan sarapan pagi sedap kami, husna datang menyusul dan dating bersama dan menepatkan 4 perempuan dan 1 jejaka. wakakakaka. cukup column~! pastu en clive meninggalkan kami sebaik sahaja kamu selesai makan. oleh kerana tidak mahu jumpa en DS buat masa terdekat, kami berempat yg comel gila lagi cun telah mengambil angin pagi bersama dengan berjalan2 di kolej dan bersiar2 hingga depan rumah pengetua. sambil tergolek lagi merenung zebra crossing itu, kami berjalan pulang dengan hati yang berat kerana akan jumpa en DS semula. :P pastu yg kelakar nye, miss azrie cun gelabah sebab ada kerengga di baju nye. teehee comel ja~ kami tergelak2. saya dh lama x nampak husna, rindu pulak. eh lari topik. pastu depan pintu pagar kolej, seekor makhluk lagi telah mengigit ibu jari miss azri cun~ haha. dier telah menendang2 makhluk itu. padahal jerit dulu sebelum tu. hehe. miss nadhrah jugak ceria seperti selalu. tetiba qiqi rasa sgt best pagi ini walaupun x tido satu malam. selesai menghapuskan makhluk itu, kami berlarian itik ke bilik masing2. sungguh indah pagi ini. miss qiqi, miss azri, miss nadhrah & miss husna akan mengenang kan pagi yg indah ini. sangat nyaman~! ooh why i like this morning? sebab saya dpt lepak bersama junior kesayangan ku. lalala.. study sama2. pergh, tak pernah kot study sama2 sambil x tido baca en DS~! so make sure u don't wanna see me next sem u better let me go ok en DS kesygan~. i know u love me! *XOXO - gossip girls*
the gossip girls members: miss qiqi, miss azri, miss nadhrah and miss husna. :P XOXO

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009

perasaan sy yg bongek~

saya ada perasaan yg sgt bongeks sekarang~
saya x tahu kenapa asyik camni?
kenapa ni aqela?
tolong la lupakan segala2 nye!! :(

Thursday, April 30, 2009

hati ini memanggil kamu~

perasaan apa kah ini? saya sgt bosan. hehe. SAD exam paper baru habis today. meaning, i left only 1 paper to go, which is my beloved Data Structure~! seyesly quite tough. but i have 3 days to study harder and harder. saya nak lulus. nak sgt. pastu carry mark DS saya x bagus cam member saya. saya nak dpt sama ngan member saya, tp x dpt achieve. saya rasa sebab labtest saya x bagus. x tak dapat buat ngan baik2. saya sedih. SAD exam td pun x berapa nak okay. asyik tgk hussein madya, budak indon tu wat, saya jadi gelabah. terpikir di benak hati; "ADOI! kenapa qiqi x baca ngan byk ni? nak tulis byk2 cam hussein." hussein buat dengan sgt relax! org yg kat sebelah pulak yg takut. saya sgt blank. tak terkata apa dier nak. especially soklan no 3. yg lain ok sikit kot. confident 2 soklan je ok. lg 3, hurm.. heee menyesal nye~ tp sebab saya tengok result carry mark DS saya mlm sebelum tu kot. saya x de mood. hurm, so nampaknye kena study la utk DS kesygan ku itu. :) saya x nak tengok muka saya dlm kelas tu lagi. saya malu. sangat malu. asyik muka saya je ada dlm tu. saya sendiri bosan tgk muka saya dlm kelas tu. kalo comel + pandai nye muka xpe ar lg. ni asyik wat muka blur + mengantuk. apa la. patut malu akan diri sendiri. hehe ni pun patut baca buku DS ni. sila hafal ya~ hahaha
pastu apa lg eh.. oh yeah. siapa dh tengok 'talentime' by yasmin ahmad? pretty good movie though. that indian guy is soooo hensem~! haha. but i like the songs more la. sungguh bermakna. haha. anyway, ada satu lagu ni called 'angel' by atilia. i'm not sure whether most of u know her or not. but that is one her song beside sangkar. this song have 2 versions which is in english as well as malay, just like the other 2 songs sang by aizat called 'just one boy' and 'i go'. good translation i can say. ahaa quite good~! anyway, this is a portion of the angel song in malay, which kept singing and stuck in my brain:
angel, tunjukkan la mata hati mu
seperti selalu
ku tahu
kerdipan bintang
pasti kau hilang

bawa daku bersama mu
bawa daku bersama mu

ku inginkan hanya kamu
percaya la kepada ku
angin hembuskan rindu ku
ku tahu nurani diri ku
mahu ku hanya kamu
lirikan senyuman yg membisu
tetapi hanya kamu
ini x penuh tau. atas dier dh hilang. saya x dapat tangkap apa dier nyanyi. hehe.
this is the english version:

I have a dream of you I can't defined
You've been on my mind
Don't go
I feel lost without you by my side
Lost and on my own
Yeah I'm falling for an angel
Your brightest star is shining next to mine
Every night and day
You know
Stars exploded then they fade away
Then they fade away
Yeah I'm falling for an angel
Yeah I'm falling for an angel
Would you please be my babe
Come by and I lay you down
I'm loving when you say
I love you too
Won't you please be my honey
I'm sorry that I let you down
Your eyes are breaking my heart in two
Break my heart in two
May the one above us keep you safe
Every night and dayIf he knows
How I love the smile all on your face
When you are here to stay
Yeah I'm falling for an angel
Yeah I'm falling for an angel
so long, so slow, yet so romantic~! haha saya agak suka lagu nie. sebab saya teringat sesuai. certain people akan tahu kenapa saya suka. ada lagu satu lagu saya suka juga. tapi nanti la saya copy and paste the lyrics.
owh how i really can't wait for holidays~! i want my holiday! i want i want i want. sgt penat dh. roomate dh packing barang. dierorg dh habis exam! best nye. apatah lagi roomate saya sempat berlawak kata 'kiki, nak coklat utk awak. utk happy2 day. exam saya dh habis and saya nak balik!' wahh jeles. haha. saya ada lagi satu paper. x best. :)
saya nak gi genting~ sapa nak teman? jom la gi ramai2. :) saya nak.