Monday, February 22, 2010

damn! i miss u~

dear people.

i'm tired of this feeling.
can i just not have this feeling anymore?
can i?
but i miss him so terribly!!
i do!
i wanted to see him today, but he got stuff to do.
i really miss him.
so much until i cannot tahan already.
x suka this feeling~
can i just say that i like u without any shyness and be brave?
can i just scream out saying that i love u without thinking and wish u say "yes i like u too"?
can i possible have something this time.
for real.
for me.
for the love i have long enough waited for.

xoxo, aqela @ kiki

Monday, February 15, 2010

damn it! my laptop~

damn damn damn!!
aaaahhh, just formating my laptop.
i wanted to make it faster. so i asked my brother to format it.
though xde mslh pun, just laptop tu asyik cam hang kan sekali ngan slow.
so decided to format la utk menghapuskan everything tanpa rasa bersalah.
tgk2, lagi biul!
nak connect internet pun xleh.
cam s%a*!
isk, geram nye~~~~
camne ni?
nak wat keje lg..
aiyark. benci~
everything gone tu xpe.
tp ngan internet2 nye lg. ngan font laptop tu cam bodoh lagi.
benci! camne ni???
ni ada assignment 2 ketul nak wat pun camne??
office xde, netbean xde, sumer xde.
cam s&*^! eeeeeeeekkkk geram.
internet ngan realplayer tu penting tu.
xpe dua tu, habis la hiburan~
aaaaaa bikin aku tension~!!!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

nasyid nasyid!

since i've been in the nasyid team, i've been addicted to it!
i cannot help it.
but in LOVE with it already.
hari-hari rasa nak nyanyi je.
wit some people i was termedeously happy.
you can just sing everything n always wanted to be around.
kwn2 nasyid sgt best!
dh cam family~~
sgt suka..
pertandingan feseni '10 is on 18 March 2010.
persembahan nasyid utk MAK fasa 1 is a week b4 19 March 2010.
i'm guessing is on 12, 13 March.
segan gila dowh. hehe
then birthday saya is on 2 March 2010.
so many things in March. sgt suka. haha.
igt nak ajak org lain celebrate birthday saya~ hehe..
anyway, here a pic of the nasyid team 2010.

Happy CNY!

for everyone who celebrate CHINESE NEW YEAR, i wanna wish them HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! hope u guys have a wonderful years ahead. :)
i'm wishing to get some angpau too!
but no invitation oso~ hehe.
wait for my sister in law as well to celebrate chinese new year. but where did she go? most probably she went and celebrate with her family 1st. :P its okay since got a week for it. hehe
anyway, a week is quite long for someone like me, doing nothing.
will get bored sooner and feel like going back to UM soon.
hehe. suddenly UM is like my life~
with nasyid and studies. i felt in love. :)
will my friends at UM. lalalaa...
Anyway, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all the chinese people! :)