Thursday, September 29, 2011

an entry after a long break :)

hello peeps~
i haven't write here for so long.
though i have a lot of things to write but the mood is not there to write.
just update an entry to make sure the blog is alive.
can't wait for saturday to come and everything will be finish!
everyday is so frustrating!
felt so depressing these days.
i like the job but i don't like the environment. it is so annoying!
thinking that you will get curse every day when you come to work.
the pressure of someone.
it's like the malay phrase of "mandi tak basah, makan tak kenyang", but different meaning.
anyway, Saturday please come now! ;(

Monday, April 18, 2011

::Study Week for Semester 2::

ahaaaa, i've been writing for a year i think. have taken a rest for so long. haha. though there is a lot if ideas and events occured, i didn't managed to write down.

anyway, STUDY WEEK is here again.

my aims is to study hard for this last 3 papers.

i hope i did well. i really do.

though i know there is up and down.

but lately i have my downs too many.

yes, might have depressed year.

but i believe everything happened with reasons.

all my presentations and everything done. now my Year 4 in University of Malaya soon will come to an end soon.

can't wait!

anyway, i wanted to wish every students in UM a big GOOD LUCK! for this up-coming final exams! :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

on track!

hello hello!
am technically back on blog.
random title and randomly write just to fill in something.
anyway, hols gonna end soon. a week and DONE! :P
weird is, i happened to start reading a novel: How Starbuck Saved My Life!
cuti dah nak habis baru nak start reading.
but it's okay.
steady and go. haha
till then, a short update. :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

i'm so dumb!

oh well! *aqela sigh*
things have change for this one whole year.
i think i changed! a lot. dot.
i have lost friends along this one year, i became more immature, i had hate myself so much this year, studies is so-so that before and i became dumb!
what i discovered about myself is that i became hate-able to so many people.
in which i think i cannot change anymore.
my heart have became so 'keras'.
i have became so bad this few months.
because i am geram. i dunno why i am geram. *hurm, i still in search of it* :)
i talk to much of my problems to close friends until some friends thinks i'm too immature!
i know i know. i AM VERY immature.
i will try to change.
but anyway.
i have a problem and i cannot handle it~
but actually, i want to thanks to a few people who were there for me.
i cant mention the names, but yeah thank u!
kulat, parasit, penggoda licik, papa, penggoda licik 2! *apa ni? :D*
tp kepada seseorg ni. sorry giler sbb td termarah dier.
cos i find the statement she gave me was a bit sad.
minta maaf miss nadia saidon!

Monday, June 7, 2010

u make ur own path. ^^V

yes, that was what i believed. u lead your own path.
initially, you make so many mistakes in your life.
it's so untrue or a lie if you said you never make mistakes.
a mistake teach you!
a mistake make you stronger!
a mistake make you mature!
a mistake make you understand a reason to life for!
a mistake make you HUMAN!
however, its quite funny for those who never learn from a mistake.
but thats their choice.
one day, they will..
i have learned mine.
therefore i will never make another, hopefully.
haha. *i eventually make mistakes my whole life i know*
just i hope i will not forget it is my mistakes and learn from it!
i know Allah SWT is always there for me to make me realized things in life in which i will initially forget sometimes. ;(
i wish i was a better person in future.
aminnn~! :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

mistake of mine! :)

lately saya takde perasaan. I don't know why, but yeah. I haven't update my blog much cos most of the time i'm addicted to FACEBOOK. haha. until there are a few friends kinda joking me what am i doing at the moment, they will definitely said i'm playing with facebook! oh well, its true~ :D i AM ADDICTED to facebook. tried to be away from it, but it will only last paling lama 2-3 days. hehe. actually sebab selalu bukak facebook utk main games and check a few people latest update. :)

ok eventually these days might be a few status of mine is quite down. some of it is untrue. in which the latest one. Actually, i was down, but not as down as the week before. sebab dh kena therapy kan? so i was okay dh. just saje2 buat status camtu. so for those who actually worried (maybe la ada kot, i pemes sikit *perasan* haha), don't worry~ haha. i know my mistakes and i won't tell it to you. i have seen the mistakes and i know where to betulkan and i am degil. so u can just lay back. i might not ask all of u to support me, but i know who will back me up. i might be sombong or kacang lupakan kulit, but there are people who actually won't support me. therefore i intended to back off from those people. so i won't be label. i am tiring of being label. hope u understand. i know i am very degil. i listen, but sometimes a friend words may hurt you ore. so sometimes to certain people, i can't tell my problems. it is just the way it is. one reason i can't tell a person may be cos once they hurt my feelings. so rather than happen again, i have the tendency of can't open up to them anymore. haha. sometimes you have friends who actually be-friended you for their own benefits. i am not being emotionally cos i am not at the moment. i do not feel anything. i know i can be an idiot. cos i am most of the time. but don't make it as it is my mistake most of the time. i may seem to be abandon some of my friends. but u have to eventually understand. but yeah. let just say, i wasn't that friend when u needed me kot kan?

i know these are a bit merepek. but it doesn't matter. hahaha.

as for my studies, i have a new aim! *yay* to study hard and forget the nonsense stuff around me~~ i am STRONG! i know that, but i just ignore it mostly. haha. my aim is to have a better chance and graduate happily~~~ *wink wink*

PS: eventually i miss someone deeply inside! so deep i cannot remember besar mana but that person might actually forget me. i know that person does not remember me at all! *merajuk merajuk* hahaha. rumate kata jgn sedih. sem depan kan ada lg. hahahahaaha. rumate ku kali ni paling best! cyg anda. ;) u were there when i was ugly, cantik, bengong! :P i was thankful to know u. thanks a lot!! and that is why i love her much, my rumate~

Monday, May 24, 2010

award from farah nadz~! haha

yay! i got an award from farah nadz! thx a lot. this might be pretty late but yeah wutever. haha.

1) thank and link the person that give you award
thank you farah nadzirah for the award~! ;p budak strawberry.

2) pass this award to 10/20/30/all bloggers you've recently discover

3) contact said blogs and let them know they've won this award

4) state 7 things about yourself

- friendly
- childish
- noisy sbb suka byk ckp. hehe
- suka kaco org.
- always take care of people.
- cepat mesra or et close wit people.
- love singing alone. haha.
- love daydreaming.
- sensitive sikit

Saturday, April 17, 2010

final exam coming up...

hello peeps.

haven't been update my blog for so long~
kuang kuang kuang.
tension nye, facebook x leh bukak.
tu la actually update blog. hahahaha..
sepatutnye study. tp hari ni tunggu mak & ayah balik.
kul 1230 tengahari sampai umah dh. :)
alhamdulillah pulang dengan selamat.
sempat aqela mengemas rumah dengan hati dan menanti. hehe.
lepas solat jumaat, gi teman dorg bayar bil sumer ngan mkn.
hehe. study mlm.
ok la kot. at least study. hehe
ok gambatte for final exam~!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ayat-ayat cinta mengaburi mata!


Duhai makhluk yang lembut hatinya
Aku tak ada siapapun kecuali Allah di hatiku
Aku ingin menjadi yang halal bagimu
Yang dapat dengan sepenuh hati mengecup keningmu
Sehingga tak ada lagi resah yang menyelimuti qolbu
Untuk redamkan tiap riak-riak harapan itu
Bukan semata untukku
Tapi juga untuk-Nya…
Karena ku malu saat merindu-Nya
Ku juga merindumu
Ku berdoa mengharap kepada-Nya
Ternyata juga karena ku mengharapkanmu

Maafkan aku…
Sungguh, jodoh bukan milikku…
Ketidaksanggupanku saat ini menyisakan sebuah kepasrahan
Ku kan kembali kepada Ar-Rahmaan
Harapan menjadi harapan
Dan biarlah menjadi rahasia tak terungkap sepanjang zaman
Jika ku pun pantas menjemputmu
Maka biarlah Allah yang mengantarkanku padamu
Di saat yang tepat
Dengan proses yang cepat
Namun sungguh pun bila kita tak bertemu
Maka biarkan menjadi kisah sejati
Yang tak akan pernah mati
Ya! takkan pernah mati.

Ayat-ayat Cinta - Sebuah Puisi

Namamu tak terukir
Dalam Catatan harianku
Asal usulmu tak hadir
Dalam diskusi kehidupanku
Wajah wujudmu tak terlukis
Dalam sketsa mimpi-mimpiku
Indah suaramu tak terekam
Dalam pita bathinku
Namun kau hidup mengaliri pori-pori cinta dan semangatku
Kau adalah hadiah agung
Dari tuhan

dear readers,
i do not know what is in my mind now at 4.06am on tuesday morning dated 9 March 2010. feeling in a lovey dovey mood. haha. tetiba teringat novel ayat-ayat cinta. i think most probably because i listen to ketika cinta bertasbih by melly goeslow feat amee and selawat burdah from amar everyday makes me somewhat tenang. haha. but yeah, another thing is i try to be strong. kenapakah aqela selalu nangis? i know some of my friends are REALLY DAMN BORED of me being a crybaby these days. but what the hell? do i look like i care? oh well. hahaha. pandai je ckp aqela ni, tp nanti sedih lagi. but its okay. slowly i'll be mature and stronger. : ) though i know i am somewhat alone actually. i know i never had that person who will actually be there for me all along. i know there isn't anyone who actually can tahan with me. the problem is that i am so much of a manja person and crybaby as well as talk a lot about my problems that i never actually listen to other people feeling. my fault in a way, too taksub with my own problem. sedar jugak actually. tp kekadang cam x disengajakan. uuuuuwwww~ sorry sgt to my friends yang merasai begitu. anyway, me off to assignment balik! huhu.. aja-aja fighting~~

xoxoxo, aqela = )

Monday, March 1, 2010

pratonton DONE~!

our pratonton had just finish tonight~!
a date to remember.
though quite an audiences show up.
most of them thinks it was wonderful.
but we been commented that the main problem is the voices!
tak kuat. gaya dh keluar.
cume suara. tp even tu pun gaya kena mantap kan~
kami perlu pro. haha
so latihan akan datang, kami kena berusaha lebih sbb dh tinggal rata-rata 2 minggu je ni.
chaiyok~! kolej 8 boleh~!!
but basically it is one of those experience u never had after this.
or maybe the 1st among later.
great experience. hehe.
suka2. cam ni another experience yg best lepas PiTUM aritu la.
thanks to all NASYID members 09/10 for the great pratonton!
pastikan kita berjaya melakukan segala apa yg diusahakan walaupun tidak menang.
tp kita berjaya dlm suara, gaya dan penyampaian lagu nasyid itu. hehe.
let me introduce u to the nasyid groupies which are: wanie, amy, kiki, azrie, ain, iffa, timah mardiah, farah, zihah, aini, k.dila, salma, yus, yana, syahir, amin, hafiz and zahid. huuhu..
good job eve