Thursday, January 29, 2009

new blog make new meaning~

Hi peeps!
yay, finally i managed to created a blog for myself to write everything that occur in my life when i am possibly have time. terasa sedikit excited! haha. pretty much new in here. so, emm its a bit messy around the blog. i don't really know how to managed it yet. oh yeah, ignore the picture of me. pretty awful cos its big. haha. a bit freaky as well i know. but, i'm trying to adjust it sooner or later. :)

anyway, for the past 5 days of CNY holidays, I have been watching 2 movies; which are Inkheart and Red Cliff 1. Both are awesome! Inkheart about family matters and what moral we can get from it. I love it. Its just like Bedtime Stories. I just love Adam Sandler! LOL. haha. anything on him are funny. :) as for Red Cliff 1, if you like action and legend, its good! Pretty much nice and tomorrow i'll be watching the 2nd part of Red Cliff. haha. sounds crazy though. This mean 3 movies in a week! Yikes! too many money spent already! :p But yeah, the 1st Red Cliff was cut half way. you do not know waht really happen to all those character. Therefore you need to watch the 2nd part. And here we are! ready to watch it tomorrow. :D I'm not a big fan, but since i watched the the 1st one, i need to watch the 2nd one.

Skip to next week, class going to start on Tuesday since its going to be a public holiday on Monday. Nice holiday, but I somehow can't wait class to wait because I am definitely bored to death at home. Doing nothing except sleeping! haha. Oh yeah, as well as watching lotsa movies.
Supposedly to do assignment, however was delayed. haha. though there isn't anything that should be delay. if keep delay, i'm going to have a lots works and trouble. haha. sigh! project coming nearer as well. so, lotsa works and fun! :D

anyway, will be updating soon! :)

love qiqi