Sunday, July 25, 2010

i'm so dumb!

oh well! *aqela sigh*
things have change for this one whole year.
i think i changed! a lot. dot.
i have lost friends along this one year, i became more immature, i had hate myself so much this year, studies is so-so that before and i became dumb!
what i discovered about myself is that i became hate-able to so many people.
in which i think i cannot change anymore.
my heart have became so 'keras'.
i have became so bad this few months.
because i am geram. i dunno why i am geram. *hurm, i still in search of it* :)
i talk to much of my problems to close friends until some friends thinks i'm too immature!
i know i know. i AM VERY immature.
i will try to change.
but anyway.
i have a problem and i cannot handle it~
but actually, i want to thanks to a few people who were there for me.
i cant mention the names, but yeah thank u!
kulat, parasit, penggoda licik, papa, penggoda licik 2! *apa ni? :D*
tp kepada seseorg ni. sorry giler sbb td termarah dier.
cos i find the statement she gave me was a bit sad.
minta maaf miss nadia saidon!