Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry Potter and me!

woohoo~! i have watch Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince already~ i know its a late entry but yeah. i was busy hanging out with my cuzens n aunty as well as my siblings this weekend. *LOL* haha. anyway, i went to watch harry on saturday night at 930pm at One Utama. haha kinda of rushing back from tropicana city mall, where my brother is looking for a russian brand watch. luckily we managed to reached home fast and pick up the others like my sisters, cousins and aunty. harry potter 6 ROCKS~! i'm really satisfied with it!! the movie is soo damn cool. i'm sooo loving it. haha. i give it a 2 thumbs up for it. i don't mind watching it twice. i find this harry potter 6 was way better than the previous. i LOVE ron weasley~! *dang* he's my fave among the 3. ok somehow i'm not a fan of harry much. i like the weasley family more. *ting ting* suddenly i lost interest in transformers 3. lalalala. hehe. i mean, u know! its the Harry Potter season now. so ar, yeah. it's time for Harry~! move on bumblebee! *isk isk, actually i like bumblebee too*

*** small note: i manage to go shopping as well the next day after watching Harry. hohoho. i bought a pair of jeans from Giordano, 2 shirts from Nichii and another shirt from this shop in tropicana city mall. hoho. byk dh spending~! gila la. bulan ni je dh berapa byk dh habis guna! aiyoo. mesti kena marah.. *boink qiqi*

Monday, July 13, 2009

i hate my new sem! *LOL* :p

:D tajuk yg x memberangsangkan! *LOL* anyway, i have a terrible start of the semester this time around. too many changes of schedule and more. it does make me a bit pening already. oh God! do help me. too many clash between classes. so i really annoyed already! seyesly annoyed sebab byk x amik lg kan. tu yg bengang tu. bengong! uwahh, dh la tukar tak inform kami. x ke sengal. pastu tutorial clash pulak. dh mintak nak tukar tp minoriti je yg clash(which is 3 org je). aiyoo, susah la camnie! :( uhuks..


Thursday, July 9, 2009

broken heart ke? not me. maybe. [done]

perasaan hari ini kurang baik~! entah mengapa. maybe sebab ternampak sesuatu yg unexpected. terkejut kah saya? yup. terkejut bangat. kenapa terkejut? entah. tp x perlu. sebab saya rasa saya mempunyai hati yg kuat mcm tiger biskut. berikut luahan hati dan keluhan hati. =) kekadang terasa tertipu kerana si DIA sebab teringin DIA. tp ku pasrah udah. kumbang bukan seorg! *aqela smile ok~!* :)

am i broken hearted? 50/50

did i actually knew the case where the person actually did have someone special?
yes, i doubt he did, but he didn't tell me the truth. always told me he is scared to be in love.

am i sad? most probably~!

am i jealous?
not really cos i knew somewhere deep inside he have someone. i knew cos he couldn't accept me.

am i a damn ass to believe him? maybe. to think back, yeah maybe.

have i actually moved on with life without him? yeah. something like 60/40 or 70/30.

will i eventually forget him? yeah, i know i will. but it takes time.

why did i feel pain? i have no idea

do i still like him? no~! *seriously*

why i sometimes feel pity for myself? cos i think i wasn't that confident. can't fight for what i want. i am weak. i din't get what i want. FULL STOP.( *.*')V

why did i still felt the pain, not a pang of jealous, but the pain of looking to things i didn't get?
no idea. the feeling is something complex..

[end for now]

**feeling sad but not so. macam mana tu? hahaha*

Monday, July 6, 2009

**1st Day**

today is the 1st day of a new semester. not really a nice semester it seems cos a lot of our batch friends is not here. it supposed to be the fun time. haha. but somehow this semester is kind of lonely. don't you think so? i didn't have class with most of my friends, thought most of them are doing intership this semester. sigh~! i miss them already! *LOL* where is my friends when i need them? :D hehe. yeah, there are a few friends who i'm going to hav e dinner together is not here this semester. ooh, being emo again~ :) hehe **i'm in the missing mood** :)

today i just went to 2 classes which are TCEE and Statistics. Okay, the statistic is soo damn boring one. i really bored in the class causing me to fell asleep sebab tetiba ada lecturer. bosan giler. dh la xde note pastu buku pun xde. bosan giler nak mati! adoi..

ooh wait, will write soon. gonna eat dinner at the hall downstair. see u a bit later..

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

**new sem coming~! oh no!**

new sem is coming~! only 4 days more and i hate it. uwaa. i wanted to be on holiday some more. i really do. i do not know why i'm so lazy. hoho. i thought of going out with a friend either thursday or friday, but haven't decide yet. i'm so lazy to meet up during weekend coz always pack with people. i don't like when it comes to crowded people. so hectic~! hehe anyway, this new semester i need to work hard and strunggle to improve my result. chaiyok~! :D

oh yeah, this week is the minggu haluan siswa 09/10 for the new students until this friday. i seen some of them yesterday when i went to UM to pick my sister from work. huhu. kinda excited to see new students. :)

anyway, no idea now. will write more~