Thursday, December 31, 2009


we gonna enter 2010 in like 6 hours and 30 minutes more.
it's 530 at the moment.
what do you wish for for this new year? = )
well i got a few one. but will try to post it later on. just wanted to wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010! :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

this is what i felt for myself~!

what does life means to you?
how does you feel about yourself?
have you ever felt small in this big world of yours?
that is what i felt this passed few weeks or for this current month.
i wasn't in myself these days. really not in the mood most of time.
does not felt like hanging out much.. but like to be in an 'alone mood'.
talking with friends indeed a good feeling.
but sometimes in this world, i don't think i have friend who really be there for me. really am not~
raise your hand if you ever be on my side the whole time when i'm down, when i'm crazy, when i'm not myself, when i'm annoying, when i'm became undecided~!
is there anyone who really there for me for the bad and okay moment?
sometimes i doubt there is.
though life makes you understand and experience it.
i'm not one of those who really tough.
i got my moments~!
i can be VERY emotional when i want too!
i can be annoying when i feel like it.
i can be over the top when i like it.
now i don't feel like studying!
yes, u heard me right.
i don't feel like studying anymore.
for not getting good grades in university is very bad for me!
i felt sooo damn not confident!
low esteem overcome me.
computer science is not what i wanted to do.
i have not choice. though these days, people said there is.
for some people, there isn't!
i wanted to do business.
i wanted to be a baker.
i wanted to be anything that is not IT things.
when you're not into something, okay for me, i don't even want to do anything.
but what can i change things that happen to me at this time?
*feeling small indeed*
PS will post on new year aim soon! i am still thinking what is my aim.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


it's 26 December now.
kinda a post Christmas. this year did not manage to go to any Christmas open house.
it's okay, next year always there. haha.
anyway, my sister is going to study overseas.
small amount of people at home, but its okay.
she will be back. :)
at the moment i'm waiting for my cousin to come from jb.
so we can send my sister at the airport.
can't wait. i like airport. haha
not much to talk about.
classes will start this monday.
excited but not so.
lazy but fun.
not that brave yet try to be one. XD
gambatte aqela!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

*away and happy without lame stuff*

away and away.. :)
forgetting what bad stuff had happen.
everything seems okay these days.
me seems a bit better than before as well.
thanks for the people who help me motivated.
thanks to u guys, my friends~! :)
i understand the world is tough.
and tough girl eat chocolate.
haha. been okay, therefore wont be opening fb for a while. just blog and email.
but rarely update an entry.
if i did update, it always lame stuff. haha
sbb xde apa nak ckp.
waiting for semester baru nak bukak.
x sabar dh nak ni. haha.
anyway, u guys wont see me online for a long time yeah~ :P
heee. see u around.

team jacob, aqela.. weeee~!

away and far away. =)

hey peeps~
i wont be online for a few days.
got stuff to do.
haha. anyway, got annoyed on something.
said something and question a few questions.
but those questions was 'disalah faham' and i was to blame.
kata cuba offended the faculty. but my motive is sincere.
i really just asking whether.. ok, whatever la.
but i really intended to ask not to offend anyone.
kekadang faculty pun bodoh. ckp english x paham.
pelik. makan hati la jugak. tp maybe ada hikmah. :)
hurm xpe la. i learnt from it.
lain kali x yah tanya soklan. :) haha
anyway, wont be online for a while. really busy these days..

PS to nat, u keep in touch wit me ya. got something to spill up. hahaha. i know u gonna read this. but yeah.. :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

when ur heart is broken

haven't been good for 2 days. frustrated.
maybe it is something for me to learn again.
but i'm tired already.
no motivation anymore.
lots of friends have been helping me motivate.
some doesnt care.
but most of all i'm totally devastated.
can i just drop out?
*bengkak mata dh*

Saturday, December 5, 2009

when boredom + low self esteem rule u life~

boredom + self esteem took over me again!
had a great morning.
boring evening.
night? haha. gonna fins something to do.
tomorrow i'm going off to JB to meet up my aunties, uncles and cousins before my sister heading of to the US to continue her studies.
nanti on 25hb Dec pun g jumpa sedara jugak. :P adehh. haha
damn, i'm so busy this holiday~!
on the 13hb Dec i will need to be back to college for feseni camp.
aaargh, i really hate my life u see~!
at the same time i felt a bit of self esteem on certain things.
though i gave a few advices to some juniors, but i myself does not believe in myself either.
so ironic~!
oh well, give motivate me please! *weak smile*

till then, jacob black rocks!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Jacob! Jacob Black! ILOVEYOU~~ haha

just went and watched 'NEW MOON' with sister yesterday.
i'm drooling over him.
move over robert pattison.
i'm on Team Jacob!
reasons of liking Jacob a.k.a taylor lautner; caring, cute, macho.
*lame reasons i know! haha*
eventually why i don't like Edward Cullen is that he is kinda lembik & cheesy.
seyesly mmg la tak tergoda. pergh, sbb dier lelaki yg x macho.
haha. so no-no for edward cullen~ but robert pattison played the role well. :)
however, i still have vote for JACOB BLACK!
he's hot!! XD *aqela angau*
hehe.. lalalalala. taylor lautner yg hot~! :P
and i think the cullen dad is hot as well.
yeah yeah i may seems like someone way older. tp dier real life baru cam 30++.
so x jauh sgt pun. hahahaha.

this is the guy CARLISLE CULLEN~
the 2nd pix is the real guy. anyhow i think he is hot beside taylor lautner.
you might know that he is married to jennie garth who played kelly in beverly hills;90210.
yg dulu2 pun citer tu. not the new revamp 90210. but the oled version. :)
*LOL* i think this guy is hot! :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

based on a blog.. haha

okay there is nothing related about the title. but just wanted to update a blog. haha.
though i just read a few blogs of my friends. indeed some got interesting facts.
yeah i'm an avid follower. XD quite la. see how the mood are at the moments.
so have quite a lot of time. so kinda follow a few. listing of blog i followed often are:
  1. Natrah
  2. Clive
  3. LiaFareesya
  4. Waaz (yg dh lama sgt x update. haha~! :P)
  5. Azrie (sama kes ngan waaz. XD)
  6. Husna (haa.. ni pun sama..)
so basically yg often tu ada 3 je la yg active~ :)
clive got great stuff to talk about. what is the world is doing and what people are thinking. general stuff u see. nice~! nat is quite the same as me. update whats we're doing and feel. quite common stuffs~ haha as for lia's blog, i don't know why. but indeed i am very subuk-ing in her blog. just had the feeling to read. haha. tp mmg selalu ikut. hana ada entry blog yg agak menarik selalu. so suka baca jugak.
okay~! seems like i am like giving review of what i read on every friends blog, though no offence. i just like u guys blog. ;)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

books? think again. :)

*wink wink*
i went to big bad wolf book warehouse just now for the 2nd time.
haha. got a lot of books.
though i knew i wouldn't read some of it. haha. some are books that i bought for suka hati.
some are good. see how. what mood i'm in, i'll read. :)
oh, yeah. there a few of my friends who work part time there at the big bad wolf warehouse which are: Wanie, Farah & Matt. so, when i went 1st time on the 1st day(26 Nov) i met up wit all 3 of them. *farah muka stress dowh time tu. hehe :D* but sekejap je, sbb jumpa time nak bayar. but there are a lot of kinda new books and damn cheap. weeeeeeee~! i like to go books warehouse. :)
however i'm still searching for a book that Clive had suggested me, which is the title is 'Suzanne's diary for Nicholas'.
i have read review saying that it was a good book indeed~
so i'm kinda eager to find it at the nearest bookstore. :)
thx en Clive~ huhu. sy sgt bosan, oleh itu akan pergi bookstore lagi for another round for the book that have been suggested. :)

**i kinda miss my lovely friends: emi, arre, nat to come back from Latihan Industri~! wei korg cepat la balik. bosan la tanpa korg. uwaaaaa~! cepat la. then i miss somebody. haha. tak tau kenapa tp asyik teringat this specific person. why? :)*