Wednesday, October 28, 2009

is it a hint? :)

i'm kinda confused.
is he giving me hints?
i mean, i know i kinda have feeling for him.
but this feeling is still new.
man, is he giving hints hah?
tetiba je tegur semua ni.
x pernah kena benda cam gini. betul ke ni?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

*boink boink*

i'm bored.
it's 321am now.
huhu. still bored.
just confirm myself to join feseni '10.
quite excited~ have to be back 2 weeks before the new semester re-open.
therefore got only 2 weeks of holiday~
so not nice~ uhuks. :P

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ko-K No.1 for pameran! i'm happy~

wink wonk! wink wonk!
nak update baru. hehe
anyway, just wanted to update people my ko-k subject GNEK1018 MAGAZINE PUBLISHING won NO1 ~!!
i'm damn happy.. hehe
didn't expected coz the judge said that our booth didn't really seem attractive since we didn't have much multimedia slide.
but i think those engineering classmates did really make us look good though in the eyes of the judges. hehe.
they explained and showed the judge the magazine and stuff. huhu.
thx to us too; me, adda and syazliyana too. heee
bangga ni~ :P huhu..
lagi satu dpt amik gambar ngan HASBI FEELHONEY~
weeee~ suka2..
tp muka saya excited lak. malu laa. :P
ada muka ngan matt gak. bersama2 geng kami yang lain! :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

the late SELAMAT HARI RAYA wishes! *haha*

haven't been update fo so long~
hehe. anyway, today is the 11th day of raya already, pretty fast right? if compared with the fasting month. :) but actually i don't felt like raya this year around of 2009. i do not know why. but there is something that amiss this time. i wonder why~! hehe.
this 4 weeks gonna be my HELLest month ever. i got tons of assignments need to be done and submitted next week and the week after. sigh so many things okay?! i'm EXTREMELY stressed. eventually, i got annoyed and pissed off easily these days cos i'm so tired. i hate the assignments month which make me older than ever. haha.
anyway, what the heck! to get rid of the stressful feeling, i went to NADHRAH's open house in sg buloh! weeee~! its so nice. suka suka. basically, we went with muadz's car along with him and his friends of 4(include him, it's 5!). 'we' mentioned before this paragraph is me, husna and azrie! it's a wonderful day and an amazing trip to nadhrah's home. huhu. it's a moment to cherish! quite a moment to remember. haha. dpt duit raya lak tu gi raya rumah nadhrah. hehe. syg aunty & nadhrah! hehe. XD
anyway, peeps, SELAMAT HARI RAYA again!
just a note to share today~! :)