Thursday, June 25, 2009

gone baby gone

*happy it's holiday*
*loving holiday*

ok ok. haha. move on. can u believe the holiday got only 9 or 10 days left before the semester starts? *sigh* i want more holiday~! cis memang mengada. hahaha. dah ada 2 bulan cuti nak cuti lagi. :D anyway, i practically don't have the mood for the study season at the moment. *LOL* i dont wanna come back to UM. haha. but what to do? my home is practically behind UM itself~! haha. i can even see 10th college from my house. *aqela bengong* huhu.

anyway, i just read a friend's blog. she just came back from Umrah. it reminds me about my Umrah one year ago. exactly a year from the time she went. what she wrote was practically 'indah'~! haha. yeah, because at the time when i went to Mecca and Madinah, i felt completely free, happy. i didn't even think about my life here in KL. haha. it didn't even came up to me for the 2 whole weeks, except when i was going back home already. :p however reading her stories and side of view make me think about the feeling i had a year ago when i went for Umrah myself. what an experience though. :) nice moment and wanted to go again. i have a few places/countries myself that i want to visit in the future. you know, france, italy, korea, finland, indonesia (again~!). hehe.

so, this holiday i kinda have done a few things. i'm not sure of saying that i'm proud that i finished doing it. haha. here some:
serious task: PiTUM booklet.
my brother project booklet. (this one i wanna see the output. its gonna be
turned to be a book)

books that i read: stargirl by jerry spinelli
if u could see me now by cecilia ahern
milkweed by jerry spinelli
the broken bridge by phillip pullman.

night at the museum 2
state of play

boys over flower, korean
bloody monday
ryusei something2. (haha cannot remember the title)
ugly betty season 3 (half way. didn't download another half. hayya..)

okey dokey babes~! i'm lost in translation again. gonna finish here at the moment. am discussing with my brother what time are we going to watch Transformer 2. SHIA!! wait for me~!

here FIND by SS501. my jihu a.k.a kim hyung jool~!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

**5 things** part 1

5 things i like:
watching movie
playing computer games
**extra >> sleeping <<

5 books i like
kira-kira by ***** (can't remember the author name)
all harry potter books
milkweed by jerry spellmen
ps i love u by cecilia ahern
if i could see u know by cecilia ahern

5 movies i like
lord of the rings trilogy
harry potter trilogy
27 dresses
dark water (japanese)

5 dramas i like
CSI (vegas and NY)
ugly betty
boys over flower (korean)
my girl (korean)

5 actors i like
kim hyung jool!
ewan mcgregor
shia labeouf
jensen ackles
daniel craig

continue later. this is because i'm bored. haha

Friday, June 12, 2009

i'm addicted to 'Boys over Flowers' korean version!

**kim hyung jool!! i love u~!**

*damn gorgeous + super rich* haha. basically it's the meteor garden but in korean version. though i find this one is appealing and much cuter way of storyline. nicer i guess. atau sebab org dier lebih cute. haha. actually much more handsome than the japanese and the taiwanese one! aaah i could drop and faint for them. haha. being lame is my expertise anyway. i like pretty guys! *ok, kidding* ahaha.

so in love with them. they have almost have everything; money, good-looks, property. but not the love. ahahahha. :P mind me.

the F4 with Jandi, the heroin

F4 Korean
(*Four Flower Boys??*)

**kim hyun joong! u're so cute!**

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

**tired** [DONE] helping my brother + register subject

1.39am. [DONE] i am seriously done with my brother's booklet. kinda 98% successed with the design, just a few yang slack esp. the cover. but nanti esok betul kan. dah tak larat. mata dah jadi panda lagi cam time dulu2 masa study week. ok, haha sebelum study week pun dah mata panda selalu. :P tak boleh diselamatkan mata panda ini. anyway. very the tiring la td. lepas dah complete tadi, pergi try print the booklet to the result. eventhough its the draft. ok-larr i guess. not bad. 95% for me~! yay~ haha. anyway, basically i can almost rest [i think! ooh do let me go~ i hate doing it again. sakit badan, sakit kaki, sakit tangan, sakit mata, everything sakit while doing it. :,(] ooh i wish to settle it soon!! pls, i don't wanna see it anymore. muak la dah. penat penat. aiyoo~

3.30pm. in the evening, i completed and successfully register my next semester subjects. it took me 1 and a half hour to complete it. hahahaha. aqela gila betul. actually i was looking at the koko list which one is nice. yeay, it took me an hour to think~! *LOL* dahsyat gila! hahaha. yang lain dah register, just yang koko tu je tak register lagi. so i was briefly choosing and slow-motionly thinking. after that long hour, i decided to take... penerbitan majalah inggeris~! tak nak amik tarian la. selepas pikir panjang td, nak amik tarian mula2. tp pikir2, aqela keras sgt la. tak boleh nak lembut-lembutkan kaki + tangan + badan. haha. dier cam nanti.. eh eh. haha. so after those long thinking moment, i took magazine thingy. is that sounds boring? oh well, nak amik sukan pun, ada bola sepak je kot tinggal. nanti amik baru tahu. :P but anyway, here are the subjects i have confirmed to take and other subjects mmg not being offered and this is what i managed to register:

Penerbitan Majalah(English)
Professional Writing for Computer Science
Statistics for IT
Data Structure (my beloved subject*bwek*)
Auditing Info System
is it okay? yeah, i hope so. i hope this semester 1 2009/2010 is better~! much better. :) anyway, gotta go and get some sleep. sleepy now. lalalala.
[OUT] 1.56am

Sunday, June 7, 2009

New earrings, new updates. :P

11.11pm. cool~ to start to write a new entry. it's been almost 2 weeks or so, i haven't update my blog. well, been a bit busy doing my brother's project booklet. i'm not sure whether it is good or not. i hope it did cos i'm not good in multimedia. they, which is my mom and brother thought i was. i told them already, but i don't know. they assume i'm good. but what the heck. just let me try for it. hopefully it went well. just need to go for printing later. i just don't like being pressure of what to do of it cos i really don't know how. therefore i like to learn photoshop or multimedia stuffs first rather than u assume i know. clearly i will be bad mood for the entire week doing the booklet cos i was stress of doing it. i really thinks its no good. hahaha. anyway, i have just done with the stuffs of designing it whatever needed. just need to print to check whether i design it correctly. aah well, esok je la buat. otak pening la. cam nak gigit makanan. hahaha. :D
anyway, i got a new earring hole today! haha. this is my 4th 'tindik'~! hahaha. LOL. the 3rd time was last year with my friend ada to teman. she was the one who wants to 'tindik', but she got scared and con me. suruh org buat dulu, nanti dier nak buat. ada kata nak tgk dulu camne org poh kong tu tembak telinga, pastu dier takut. isk3. ditipu ada! haha. pastu td tembak balik sebab dah tutup pulak lubang earring tu padahal baru 1 tahun lepas. cepat betul tutup. the 1st tinding was when i was 7 years old, 2nd tindih was when i was in high school, 14 kot. so today i tindih again wit my sister. she wanted to tindih, so i also gatal2 and tindih jugak la, haha. but i very the menyesal, pilih earring starter yg buruk! bentuk heart shape. tetiba rasa cam budak kecik nye earring. but anyway, i'm LOVIN it!! haha.
pastu sebelum menjadi busy hari tu, telah habis kan 2 drama jepun which stars the ARASHI boys~ haha. my favourite japanese band~! the 1st drama was 'Uta No Onni-san' which star the Arashi's Ohno Satoshi. He's sooo cute. for me la, dier cute. org lain tak tahu la. hehe. tp Nadhrah pun minat jugak Ohno. comel2.. sila lihat. cerita tu lawak gak ar. dengan si prince bongok tu. perghh, giler apa tgk lelaki pakai seluar leotard! eeewww. geliii. then the 2nd drama was ryusei no kizuna. yg ni serius sikit la story dier, tp ada lawak sikit. but more love of the sibling thingy. cute la in that sense u know. having to know someone love u and back up for u. in this drama, the Arashi member was ninomiya kazunari. he is also quite, but i like ohno more. this guy played in yamada taro drama. ahh, i LOVE ARASHI! terima kasih Nadhrah dan adik saya kerana mengenalkan Arashi kepada aqela. haha. habis jd hantu cari sumer lagu arashi and cerita. tp saya x suka jun mastu yg main cerita hana yori dango tu. tak tahu kenapa. huhu. anyway, bagi 2 thumbs up for both drama!
for tomorrow, i 'm gonna register subject for the new semester~! hoho, i'm going to be in the 3rd year next semester. Man, felt like baru 1st year~ haha. all those 1st year time seems far. rasa cam baru last semester. how i missed my 1st year yg aman dan damai. haha. terasa tua pulak. nak jadi 1st year balik boleh? hehe. itu tukar course balik la nampak nye. :P tp most of my geng is gonna do their intership(LI). So i won't see them. arre + emi doing their internship at kedah, nat at setapak, nabila at kl. so there are only me, wanie, ada and adila be there in the faculty next sem for the geng. oh and marleni. haha terlupa mar pulak~ mar IT student. lupa lak. hehe.
then after register subjects esok, akan pergi tengok wayang my mother as well as buying dvd hana yori dango korean version. yg japanese version ada dlm computer besar kat rumah. huhu.
okay, will see you guys tomorrow or the day after for new entry~! :D peace out.