Thursday, September 29, 2011

an entry after a long break :)

hello peeps~
i haven't write here for so long.
though i have a lot of things to write but the mood is not there to write.
just update an entry to make sure the blog is alive.
can't wait for saturday to come and everything will be finish!
everyday is so frustrating!
felt so depressing these days.
i like the job but i don't like the environment. it is so annoying!
thinking that you will get curse every day when you come to work.
the pressure of someone.
it's like the malay phrase of "mandi tak basah, makan tak kenyang", but different meaning.
anyway, Saturday please come now! ;(

Monday, April 18, 2011

::Study Week for Semester 2::

ahaaaa, i've been writing for a year i think. have taken a rest for so long. haha. though there is a lot if ideas and events occured, i didn't managed to write down.

anyway, STUDY WEEK is here again.

my aims is to study hard for this last 3 papers.

i hope i did well. i really do.

though i know there is up and down.

but lately i have my downs too many.

yes, might have depressed year.

but i believe everything happened with reasons.

all my presentations and everything done. now my Year 4 in University of Malaya soon will come to an end soon.

can't wait!

anyway, i wanted to wish every students in UM a big GOOD LUCK! for this up-coming final exams! :)