Friday, August 21, 2009

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan~

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan~!
i can't wait for it.
nak puasa nak puasa.
here i would like to wish:
my family
my aunty and uncle as well as my cousins
my friends
a happy ramadhan~! :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

kecik hati!

qiqi kecik hati.
jangan tanya dengan siapa.
tp mmg kecik hati sgt.
but what the heck~!
it's like i cannot live all by myself larr.
haha. tp mmg kecik hati amat!
seyesly i was thinking
are u dumb for not noticing?
tp xpe la.
i dun really mind what happened
now all i want is that u to zip off urself together and shut up!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

life harry potter movie. *ahaks*

don't u even believe all of what i wrote for my blog title. most of it is differ from what i wrote though. :D hehe. anyway, it been a few days, oh no, a weeks and half something like that since i wrote about the harry potter movie, which was marvelous~! now we going to move on to something different. some stuffs i did after the last event i wrote. basically just last week, i had helped out in 'gantung-ing' the bendera around college. it was pretty fun since i rarely in a project cos i am very the 'm.a.l.a.s'~ but it was fun~ i don't know. i find everything fun, everything new is nice to learn + experience though. :) on the friday 31 July i went to PC Fair with syikin. we HAD massive fun~! hahaha. kelakar dowh beli printer yg besar. dah la dua-dua budak comel ni (me & syikin. hehe) kecik org nye. nak angkat printer tu, mmg la nampak cam bdk sekolah angkut printer. dah la berat + besar in sense of the kotak. :P tapi best la. hehe. i bought myself a laptop bag. yeah, it sound weird~ hehe.
then last week was pretty much hectic. my sister demam, so i went back home to jaga her for a while, since there is no one at home. ok, to make things clear, she had high fever. so need to go home. kalo demam biasa tak payah la jugak nak balik. :) huhu. then i had meetings on thursday night. ada 2 meetings; satu ngan eileen with all the seni club pengarah. dier menanya kan bila nak start ni nasyid? YES, I'm the Nasyid Pengarah. jgn gelak ok?! hehe. ada kelakar sikit. ;P ok then after the meeting, i need to go and do an audition. then i had my biro tugas-tugas khas meeting with my AJK. asking their opinion on the baju and other related stuff we need to do. sigh~ very tiring! on friday, which is yesterday, i went to decorate the board again with my 2 other AJK. i'm felt guilty for making them turun, but i had to. ada AJK saya yg x bagus. ada 2 org. baik x payah amik awal2. satu tu mmg x pernah datang jugak. menyampah betul! so far, luckily i had AJK yg bagus. suka suka. :)pastu tengahari tu pukul 1250 camtu, pergi derma darah. huhu. bengkak tangan kat area yg kena cucuk. cam best lak tgk dier bengkak! hahaha. betul , cantik je. :P terkagum tgk bengkak sendiri. hehe.
this is the bengkak-ness. excited. :)

i went tu FESKUM evening. ok la. best jugak. tak byk bukak lagi. tp yang tudung2 tu sumer dh bukak. saya sgt suka!! hehe. i just cannot resist the tudung section and baju. or even the cute stuff. but see how la i can control myself. haha. :) going to feskum again later. :)
last but not least, i discovered that i have MOVED ON from the specific person. friends will know who it is. these days however, i saw him dating too many times. got bored already. kata x nak dating. but eventually i know the words will never last. u tell me la, siapa x nak dating. *ahaks, ok ada la kot xnak dating* but ye la, sakit ati je time 1st tau. cakap x serupa bikin apa. kesengalan aje. nasib x kena sepak dengan org. bengong betul budak tu. entah apa entah..
anyway, i better chiow now. gonna meet another friend later. as well doing some homework~ haha.