Monday, November 30, 2009

when not heal, what would u do?

okay, might not so good. i have no tips as well. however, what would you do when u are not yet heal from a thing or 2 of a problem that you are having?*eh betul ke ayat ni? haha* as for me, basically, i will be a bit moody. haha. tp kalo borak2 with me, its okay. just talk to me about anything, but not about the specific problem i'm having. though sometimes u will notice that i went out often if i'm in a problem. haha. yup2. eat more, go out more. hahaha.

anyway, can anyone suggest me what book to read? i'm kinda bored this holiday. hehe. :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

*take note* i going to marry DS, people~!

okay people!
please sit down. i wanna announce something..
i'm going to get married.
wit DS~!
not Derek Sheridan or Daniel Scott or daging special burger ke.
ya, itu la jejaka idaman saya.
tepat 28 December ni akan kawen lg ngan DS tu ek.
sila dtg ke majlis perkahwinan aqela ngan en DATA STRUCTURE di DK1~!
sumer dijemput hadir.

*dlm hati aqela tgh menyumpah seranah si mr ctk nie. adess. dier nak suh amik baper kali atau aqela bodoh sgt data structure nie.*

rosak benar feeling raya aidiladha kali nie~~

adakah saya benar-benar bodoh DATA STRUCTURE?? sila jawab kan. sgt sakit hati ni.. :((

Thursday, November 26, 2009

selamat hari raya aidiladha~

selamat hari raya aidiladha people~
who ever u are, have a wonderful raya.

PS aqela sgt bosan ni~! adehh. huhuhu

Saturday, November 21, 2009

off to Thailand~!

flight at 700am on 22hb Nov to Chiang Mai~
need to be there at 4am. damn early. haha
excited though for the flight. i love flight! hehe
happy for shopping as well. weeeee~ :)
all the way, shopping.
just wait for me to come back home, okay~~
XD lalalalalala

Friday, November 13, 2009


exam belum habis lg.
tp kami pergi menonton movie sebentar hari ni. sekejap je.
tgk movie + mkn + amik gmbr yg sgt banyak. haha..
actually kind of like teruja tgk movie kat the Gardens.
so we went and watched "the box" at the Gardens.
to tell u the truth, it is so BORING!
seyesly boring..
yg best pun sbb James Marsden handsome~~
"The Time Traveller's Wife" movie is even better~!
yeah, the movie that starred by Eric Bana & Rachael McAdam.
it's a sweet movie though.
anyway, our intention is to watch 2012, but change to 'the box' tu.
tension dowh cerita tu. huhu.
anyway, enjoy the pictures we had been taking maniacly~

Sunday, November 8, 2009

i'm suffering~

just got back from night rider event II.
with azrie, nadhrah as well 1st year junior FSKTM; bazli ngan alif. :)
best giler. kitaorg g medan selera dkt mana ntah, tp area vistana hotel.
next destination were dataran merdeka tp sekejap sbb sunyi giler.
then we went to stop at 7-11 at the dataran merdeka as well heading to shah alam for a ronda-ronda!
haha. it was definitely fun!
sgt best bg saya yg sgt kecewa.
seriously i was DAMN devastated today!
how seriously i wanted to cried at warung the moment i got to know the truth.
i reached back to college at 10.10pm at night.
then went off to eat dinner at warung wit azrie + nadh~
was happy 1stly, then felt dumb the next moment.
i was definitely admire the person and was about to get to know him.
only to discover i was cheated.
he definitely played me.
i was shocked to know he was eventually close to a person i trust.
i mean that i knew the girl who was with him had a boyfriend~!
cos i knew i saw & tegur her before when she went dating wit her bf.
they might be friends.
but can a friend be having dinner, just the 2 of them & lepak together just the 2 of them for like 3 days or so?
i don't know. i might jump into conclusion so fast, but i know i was hurt!
i was down!
i talked to the girl when i, azrie and nadh went to DM.
haha. but my mind was elsewhere. i couldn't straight.. *weak smile*
soon i discovered i went night ranger with all 4 of FSKTM students of different year intake!! haha
padan muka! amat la tensen ngan exam x prepare sgt, pastu kena sebijik bdk yg diminati ngan org lain. *weeeee... benci~!*
i was so hurt even what other said to me i couldn't accept.
so... i went off to sms-ing husna about it!
damn love her for being supportive! as well as azrie + nadhrah for being there!
love the 3 of them for being there.. :)
appreciated u guys much. XD
lepas sms-ing husna, i sms-ing firdaus. *my fave 1st year guy junior*
thx a bunch to him for giving me a supportive shoulder and inspiration!
thanks for supporting me and on my side.
the way husna, azrie + nadhrah been supportive the whole night and morning!
haha. oh x habaq yg kitaorg kuar gi jalan2 kat kl from 12 in the morning to 6am~!!!!
kami gila... hahahahhahahaha..
anyway, take note that i still HURT~!
but thanks for the ride~! totally forgot about it the whole 6 hours. hahaha..
aqela is moving on~~

Thursday, November 5, 2009

love is nonsense sometimes~! purf..

what is love means to u?
i have no idea.
doesn't really matter. but sometimes it matter.
LOL. u can even be blind by love.
u can melt when a guy compliment u, adore u, sweet talk u.
yeah love can make u crazy.
there is a guy who is actually hinting on me.
mula-mula beriya. pastu x pulak.
the problem is he is kinda weird.
talk so less. buzz thru ym so many time. WITHOUT saying anything~~
so weirdo ok!
what is the meaning of buzz laa?
apa 3 kali buzz maksud 'i love u' ke? kalo 20 kali buzz?
purff! *aqela confused*