Monday, April 18, 2011

::Study Week for Semester 2::

ahaaaa, i've been writing for a year i think. have taken a rest for so long. haha. though there is a lot if ideas and events occured, i didn't managed to write down.

anyway, STUDY WEEK is here again.

my aims is to study hard for this last 3 papers.

i hope i did well. i really do.

though i know there is up and down.

but lately i have my downs too many.

yes, might have depressed year.

but i believe everything happened with reasons.

all my presentations and everything done. now my Year 4 in University of Malaya soon will come to an end soon.

can't wait!

anyway, i wanted to wish every students in UM a big GOOD LUCK! for this up-coming final exams! :)