Saturday, June 5, 2010

mistake of mine! :)

lately saya takde perasaan. I don't know why, but yeah. I haven't update my blog much cos most of the time i'm addicted to FACEBOOK. haha. until there are a few friends kinda joking me what am i doing at the moment, they will definitely said i'm playing with facebook! oh well, its true~ :D i AM ADDICTED to facebook. tried to be away from it, but it will only last paling lama 2-3 days. hehe. actually sebab selalu bukak facebook utk main games and check a few people latest update. :)

ok eventually these days might be a few status of mine is quite down. some of it is untrue. in which the latest one. Actually, i was down, but not as down as the week before. sebab dh kena therapy kan? so i was okay dh. just saje2 buat status camtu. so for those who actually worried (maybe la ada kot, i pemes sikit *perasan* haha), don't worry~ haha. i know my mistakes and i won't tell it to you. i have seen the mistakes and i know where to betulkan and i am degil. so u can just lay back. i might not ask all of u to support me, but i know who will back me up. i might be sombong or kacang lupakan kulit, but there are people who actually won't support me. therefore i intended to back off from those people. so i won't be label. i am tiring of being label. hope u understand. i know i am very degil. i listen, but sometimes a friend words may hurt you ore. so sometimes to certain people, i can't tell my problems. it is just the way it is. one reason i can't tell a person may be cos once they hurt my feelings. so rather than happen again, i have the tendency of can't open up to them anymore. haha. sometimes you have friends who actually be-friended you for their own benefits. i am not being emotionally cos i am not at the moment. i do not feel anything. i know i can be an idiot. cos i am most of the time. but don't make it as it is my mistake most of the time. i may seem to be abandon some of my friends. but u have to eventually understand. but yeah. let just say, i wasn't that friend when u needed me kot kan?

i know these are a bit merepek. but it doesn't matter. hahaha.

as for my studies, i have a new aim! *yay* to study hard and forget the nonsense stuff around me~~ i am STRONG! i know that, but i just ignore it mostly. haha. my aim is to have a better chance and graduate happily~~~ *wink wink*

PS: eventually i miss someone deeply inside! so deep i cannot remember besar mana but that person might actually forget me. i know that person does not remember me at all! *merajuk merajuk* hahaha. rumate kata jgn sedih. sem depan kan ada lg. hahahahaaha. rumate ku kali ni paling best! cyg anda. ;) u were there when i was ugly, cantik, bengong! :P i was thankful to know u. thanks a lot!! and that is why i love her much, my rumate~


NabiLLa NaSir said...

oooo addicted to fb
then sis kacau saye
love u sis muahx!!

mynameisqiqi said...

hahaha. saya sgt bosan. lalu kaco biela dan sumer org. paling selalu kena kaco rumate yg sem lepas ni. hehe.

thx~ love u too si kecik~! :)