Monday, June 7, 2010

u make ur own path. ^^V

yes, that was what i believed. u lead your own path.
initially, you make so many mistakes in your life.
it's so untrue or a lie if you said you never make mistakes.
a mistake teach you!
a mistake make you stronger!
a mistake make you mature!
a mistake make you understand a reason to life for!
a mistake make you HUMAN!
however, its quite funny for those who never learn from a mistake.
but thats their choice.
one day, they will..
i have learned mine.
therefore i will never make another, hopefully.
haha. *i eventually make mistakes my whole life i know*
just i hope i will not forget it is my mistakes and learn from it!
i know Allah SWT is always there for me to make me realized things in life in which i will initially forget sometimes. ;(
i wish i was a better person in future.
aminnn~! :)

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