Monday, May 24, 2010

award from farah nadz~! haha

yay! i got an award from farah nadz! thx a lot. this might be pretty late but yeah wutever. haha.

1) thank and link the person that give you award
thank you farah nadzirah for the award~! ;p budak strawberry.

2) pass this award to 10/20/30/all bloggers you've recently discover

3) contact said blogs and let them know they've won this award

4) state 7 things about yourself

- friendly
- childish
- noisy sbb suka byk ckp. hehe
- suka kaco org.
- always take care of people.
- cepat mesra or et close wit people.
- love singing alone. haha.
- love daydreaming.
- sensitive sikit


nini a.k.a a'a said...

thank u aqela!!

mynameisqiqi said...

ahahaha. sama2. :P

petiais said...

aku tak tau pun nama aku ada dalam tempat kejadian, aku ingat yana lain